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Deer camp Zaleski 2003

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. AS requested by Steve we will start a new thread so the old one can rest in peace.Here is to the new year and to good hunting in 2003 and good memories with good buddies.:)
  2. so we got a new thread now .i hope i can remember which one to go to.

  3. Happy New Years to All

    I would like to wish a Happy New Years to all of Hunting Buddies and wish that 2003 will bring them Good Health, Wealth and One Heck of a Safe Hunting Season.

    From Your Friend

  4. Hey guys, trying to stay dry up here too. Hope this rain/snow mix gets out of here soon so me and Ray can get out in the woods. Man has this thing has gotten bigger and bigger every day. Pretty soon we will have everyone in Ohio at Deer camp. Yall have a Happy New Year. Be Safe! GO BROWNS and BUCKEYES!
  5. who are the browns and the buckeyes:D
  6. ITHOYTS how did you and HOYTME do tonight?good i hope talk to you more about shootin later. where is CARIBOU at today he is awlful quite. must be gettin ready for the new year.
  7. Hey guys, just got back in from the woods. Saw nothing and neither did Ray. Unless you count a couple of dogs. Was hoping those dogs would push some deer to me but no luck. Did have some fresh tracks right under my stand, had to be in the last 12 hours. Was hoping to get another deer before the new year but I'll have to hope for one more before the season end. Happy New Year! Thanks for all the info about shoots doodleboy! Looking forward to hooking up soon!
  8. oh we will hook up soon.we cant wait to do some 3d shootin with you and ITHOYTS and WICK
  9. well no huntin again today,it is rainin cats and dogs.just have to wait till the weekend and see what happens. maybe more snow.
  10. Happy New Years to All

    Happy New Years To Everyone :eek:
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  11. Happy new years to everybody and enjoy this lovely weather.Good day to stay in and watch football.
  12. that aint no lie just watch football.HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone also.gettin ready to watch the wolverines play at 11
  13. Rain, Rain, Rain

    Way to much rain to hit the woods today with my bow so I guess I will bring some more firewood in and stoke my fire and watch football.

    Hey guys if we get the snow tomorrow we can get back out in the woods. :D
  14. hey ITHOYTS you and HOYTME make it out today.was talkin to CARIBOU and will probably wait till the 3rd of JANUARY to go back out when we go down south.gonna do some other huntin till then .might give yote callin a try.
  15. Mornin guys, or should I say evenin. Been recovering all day so no I did not get out to the woods today. Happy New Year all. Hope everyone stayed safe last night. One more month of bowhunting. Man did this season fly by or what. Have to get out there and get me another deer so we have enough meat to get through the off season!
  16. All right, call me an idiot, but I posted on the "old thread". I also posted a pretty long reply on the "Indian Creek" thread, so check her out!

  17. well looks like more snow comin in for the weekend.might try some bunny huntin or yote huntin this weekend.
  18. Good morning Fellow hunters

    Hope you all had a good christmas and a happy new years and now we all can get back to hunting. Good luck to all of you who will go out today and remember always Identify before it flies.:cool:
  19. Thank god this is over .Now it back to the norm here.might be able to get some hunting in now.The only bad thing about the holidays being over is back to work.:mad:
  20. Caribou Dreamer2

    Just be glad that you have a good job and good health to work, some of us arent as lucky. :) And be thankful you were blessed with some children, I wish that I could all of that.