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Deer Camp roster for 2003!

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Spitfire, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. Lets get an idea of how many people we are looking at for this years Deer Camp.
    Just submit a post if your going. If your not sure yet submit a post anyway. It's better to plan for to many than not enough.
  2. I'm there
    1.)Caribou dreamer.

  3. Nobody else going to camp this year welp it looks like me and you spiter
  4. Hey, we can do that! Sounds like a good time to me. You might have to go with Dalton & I this year, you'll get a kick out of seeing him there.
  5. im there on dear camp
    count me in
  6. Hay q2xl what are you hunting for DEER or DEAR ,I don't know about you but i'm hunting 4 legged deer not two legged dear one is enough.lolololo:p
  7. Heard that, sometimes that one is to damn many!
  8. im huntin four legged deer .sorry cant spell
  9. We won't hold it against ya there doodle it has something to do with living at the lake I think.
  10. too much of that lake water will do it to you
  11. That's what I heard but didn't know if it was true. You guys just confirmed it. There is definately something in the water that's for sure!
  12. oh yea this lake water is some pretty good stuff:cool:
  13. Yea that water up here is 100 proof: Good stuff
  14. best stuff money can buy:p
  15. I hope your talking about Monoply money cause it isn't worth any more than that!
  16. Ah good stuff will have to bottle some up for camp tihs year just for you spitfire
  17. thaat sounds good .well will bring some for you spitfire
  18. Roster up Udate

    From Camp #1
    1.)Caribou dreamer
    6.)Fox hunter

    Camp #2

    Newcomers:(Anybody is "welcome" at Zalaski deer camp)

    Cut and paste then add your name to the new list.

    If you want your name added to the list and can't figure it out pm me and iwill put you on the list.
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  19. heck of a list so far
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