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Deer Camp Memories!!!

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Spitfire, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. What is your favorite deer camp memory? Or maybe one incident that just sticks out in your mind every time "Deer Camp" is mentioned?

    The most recent incident and the probably the most hilarious would be from Deer Camp 2000. We are all sittin around the fire and CD2 is running at the mouth when all of a sudden he's gone. Where did he go you ask? Well, the fold out stool that he was sitting on just collapsed. There wasn't even a warning, it just went and CD2 is flat on his back laughing his butt off. Needless to say, but that stool went in the fire.

    The next one happened at Deer Camp in TIonesta, PA. This was one of my very first bowhunts and my first ever shot on a whitetail. I remember sitting on the side of a hill up above camp. I was overlooking a creek bottom where an old logging road ran parallel with it. There was alot of fresh sign on this road so I was told by one of the guys that was in camp to sit in that general area and there was a good chance I would see a deer. So being young and not knowing a whole lot I found a stump about 25 yds. off the logging road and started bowhunting. I dont know how long I sat there when I caught movement to my right crossing the creek bed. Ah man, it was just a squirrel! (gotcha!!!)
    Anyway, it wasn't to awful long before I see this deer heading right for me. I could see that it was a doe and she was coming down the old logging road. This was to sweet, cause this was one of my first bowhunts and I was going to get my first deer on an out of state deer hunt. But it was not to be! That doe came right down that path she stopped at 25 yds, broadside and I missed. Thats right, I missed!!! Not even thinking about shooting down hill, I shot right over her back and my arrow went right into the creek. Nobody had ever explained what to do when shooting down hill, I had to learn the hard way!!!. I still have that arrow today and the broadhead is still on it and missing a blade. It is in a creek outside of Tionesta, PA.
  2. That was one damn good one,but i think that stool learnt it lesson though. but i will have to think on this one will get back to you.

  3. LEARNT!! (Learned)

    Come on now, it shouldn't be that difficult to think of one.
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  4. Still thinking hay i never said i was a spelling teacher.I have a job were the only thing that is think is my lower head not the top one.;)
  5. I guess nobody has any camping memories, atleast not any good ones. I'll give ya some more as soon as I get back from town. I have to go get some pictures that I forgot was getting developed.
  6. Well after thinking about this i would have to say the first deer camp we had in zalaski.Why just because it was my first deer camp,Alot of memories on that hunt Kenny falling off and breaking about every chair we had ,Martha and her husband in there rv tent .And the boys with the lights on there head about 3am in the morning trying to set up camp,Then to top it off with the sweet looking one that we all woke up to in the morning.
  7. Yea, that was a pretty good one huh! And how sweet she was, oh my!!!! Haven't seen one like that since, except maybe at The Ohio Valley Trading Post. Remember that trip CD2? Jonathan missed out on that one!

    How about the one day hunt to show Jonathan around before Deer Camp and we both filled our tags. Within ten minutes of one another!!! Then the hard part came of getting them out of the bottom. 51/2 hrs. later we hit Nelsonville, what a good time. You & I need to make a trip down there again. We have pretty good luck together. This years results proved that.
  8. I know what you mean spiter,We will have to do it someday
    Ahh yea i forgot about that one at ohio valley what a beauty.
    That day was the most rememberal one i will not forget that at all.
  9. Deer Camp 1982 - Tionesta, PA.

    My dad woke me about 3:30 in the morning and said it was time to leave. Of course I wasn't much asleep by being so excited, it was like christmas eve for me. We piled into dads old CJ-7 and hit the road. Let me tell ya, 60mph. on the highway in an old jeep is not fun. There was a draft coming from every part of that jeep. I was freezing my butt off. Anyway, we had been on the road for what seemed like forever when dad decided we would stop and get breakfast. We went into this truck stop and ordered something to eat. I didn't really feel like eating so I just sat there and picked at my food. As dad was paying the bill he asked if I wanted a pack of cheese & crackers for the road in case I got hungry later. So we get back in the Jeep and we weren't on the road 5 minutes and I had that eaten and dad was furious because he payed for a meal that I didn't even touch. Of course I thought it was funny and think it's even funnier today. I'll never forget that moment of Deer Camp and that cold ass trip in that old Jeep.
    Thinking of these things makes me glad that my son will be going with me for years to come. I'll just remember to buy him cheese & crackers first instead of a meal!
  10. Deer camp 2003

    I think this one will be the most memorable for me.I can't see in the future so why not dream the big one this year at camp 160 plus,Secret spot,Down the hill follow the creek line ,back up the hill, back down the hill follow the creek some more then back up the hill to the honey hole.:D
  11. For some reason I don't see that happening but I wish you all the luck in the world. By the way, in your dream, who is dragging this deer up & down all these hills. I know ole spitfire isn't in there cause I am sitting around the campfire with a cold one eating backstraps off my deer.
  12. now yore talkin caribou the old secret spot .it will produce.hey wick how you been you been doin any good huntin.
  13. If and when i shoot my buck i will drag it out all by myself if nobody wants to help old caribou out,Beside i have all week and alot of cold beverages to get me out of those woods.If i have to pitch a tent and move it out the next day then i will do.But remember one thing i will be drunk and enjoying myself and my deer with or with out anybody else.
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  14. Lighten up a bit CD. You won't be alone for crying out loud, Doodle will be right beside ya.
  15. yea CD you know no noodle will help drag yuor deer out .
  16. Yea, you two are like a couple alaskan sled dogs. Never far apart! LOLOL!!!!
  17. Laughing my *** off right now!!!!!:D I don't need any details what you two do together. You know what they say about being with another person so much don't ya?
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