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Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by joejoe8, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Any of you guys use decoys in the southeast part of the state with any success? I have a new property that has a hidden field. Last year three different bucks hung up just out of range. Thought about using a decoy this year. Thanks
  2. Shot this guy Nov 10 last year. Used a buck and doe decoy. He came in stiff legged ,ears back and PO'd . Decoys can be your best friend one day and worst enemy the next. It depends on the deer and maybe what mood that particular deer is in that day. ;)


  3. Two yrs ago I had a buck walk up to my Montana decoy buck looking for a fight. When he got straight on to the decoy and lost it( if you don't know Montana decoys are popup two sided decoys). The buck was too small to shoot but he walked around that decoy two times before walking off.

    The one and only.
  4. Thanks for the replys, anyone else have a good or bad experience with a decoy.
  5. CritterGitter

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    I don't hunt SE Ohio, but I have killed a buck in central Ohio with one. I have also had 2 encounters with huge bucks, but was not able to get a shot off. They are fun to hunt with. I think they can be especially effective in a secluded field or open staging area.

    Also, I always use my decoy as a buck. I don't use it once full breeding phase of rut is upon us (that is only time I would use as a doe). Though, as mentioned above a buck and doe decoy would be a killer set up (pun intended).