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Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by lureboy98, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. In reading about these turkeys, I thought back to last year. Last year I had a jake and a hen out. I called in 4 turkeys close enough to see them, and none of them seemed interested in killing my jake. After talking about this experience, I was told to just put a hen up. Is this a good idea? Or should i get two hens and not put up the jake?
  2. I put out a jake and hen. I set them out about 20-25 yards from me and both facing me, but have the jake closer to me. The tom will try to walk in front of the jake or just jump on him. I have had them hang up and not come in. But it just happens. I have just used one hen and the tom come running in. Just got to change up during season. ;)

  3. Last year they hung up and didn't go to it. I might just try the hen this time.
  4. I used to use a flock of decoys. 3 hens and a jake. My turkey partner used to take another 2 hens. But later scraped the whole idea. because of a few things.1 too many decoys. 2 we blew a few chances because the gobbler was on the way. 3 My friend borrowed my jake decoy and it scared it away. I am no expert at all . But ive got a few. Now I did have good luck with just one hen decoy once. And so did my friend. So I guess different birds do different things. That what makes it fun. But the last few times Ive went I didnt even bring a decoy at all. I belive that once a gobbler hears you. He knows were you are at. Mybe thats why a lot of times birds dont respond is because he is on the way or just not there. Its a gamble. And a matter of sitting it out. But I also have a number of calls. Somtimes they just dont want to answer a certain call. Plus I am always on the move. If I dont get a bird to respond after a few calls with a few minutes apart. Im out of there. And I make clucks when I am on the move. And If I hear one I try to fiqure out were It is coming from. And stop calling. Unless he is on the way. And think of the easiest way the bird can reach me. And head that way.Then I somtimes turn my back to him and calll. Just to make him think that The hen Is walking away. Drives then nutz. Early morning is somtimes strutting spots. Then they hen up. To me the key is to find the area and wait a while. He will be back. Or keep moving till you find a hot one. That the fun of it.:D
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  5. I just sit in the one spot. I learned the secret of hardly any calling the hard way, but nailed it last year. I had one 5 feet away but it was in cover! Lol what a thrill but it didn't go where i could shoot it, which was by my decoys. I'm not too big on moving, its pretty thick where I'm at.
  6. I use decoys as well. Yep, 2 hens and a jake. While not 100% foolproof, I would rather have them with me than leave them at home. I have found that when placing your deeks out, have the jake decoy "facing" you in a spot that you can get a clear shot. Then place the hen decoys a short distance away say (5 yards), but have them facing "away" from your set-up. If the gobbler comes in, he will go right to the jake first, facing him!!!! That way his back will be towards you. Afterwards he will go towards the hens but again, from there backside giving you a chance to move your gun. Try this the next time out, just a little tip.;)
  7. In Ohio we can use motion decoys...

    I can only add that in my experience with wild turkey is that they very rarley stand without some movement for very long if at all... when they do it is either looking for trouble or looking at possible trouble. There is where stationary decoys work against you in most cases, not all, most.
    The motion decoy allows you to inpart motion with a remote control thus drawing the attention of the bird(s) your after. I find them very useful while field hunting known strut zones/travel patterns. A jake on top of a hen really fires up the dominant gobbler and even lesser gobblers. As a guide service owner here in our great state I highly suggest purcasing a decoy system that can make good use of movement for a more natural setting :D
    Another great calling sequence last spring was the fighting purr along with using a hat or wings to sound more like a fight... This more times the not brought gobblers back form their normal turn and gobble as they walked away routine :cool: