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Deal on Bartz 450 Bushmaster uppers

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by anthony68, May 16, 2017.

  1. Just got my 450 bushmaster upper from Not Just Guns in Michigan last week.
    20'' E.R Shaw stainless barrel ,precision crown ,1-24 twist , Black Nitride Finish , extra port clearance, Hydrographic camo "green". 4 patterns to choose from.
    Ryan from Not just guns ,told me the owner of Bartz was in his shop, "couple miles away from his store ,he stated that they wanted to clear out of inventory.
    Long story short, This Michigan made upper sells for around $870 other places are asking for more.
    Ryan was able to get one for me at $765 out the door with free shipping !!!
    He was also giving me a discount on extra magazines and Hornady ammo "Black ammunition "250 grain FTX " for $28 a box out the door with free shipping too.
    I'm shooting less then 1'' at 125'. on factory ammo.
    If anyone is interested give this place a call !! 1(517)244-9001 ask for Ryan
    He said they would be running this price for couple more months before hunting season starts up again .

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  2. Have any pictures

  3. YES
  4. Its yards . I was resting on a picnic table "pictures I'm showing " ,then when I used my friends gun sled ,it was getting less then 1'' group. I'm impressed that its factory ammo.
    I'm maxed out at our gun range , but yet my shots are 100 yards and in for hunting .
  5. Plenty good enough for hunting .
  6. Looked online there no longer on sale
  7. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod


    Quality stuff performs well....nice job!
  8. I called up Not Just guns ,They gave me the sale price over the phone,
    They never adjusted the price on line .
    Not Just Guns -1 (517)244-9001 ask for Ryan
  9. I'm using the Bartz 450 magazines and they are quality quality mags.
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