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So today I got the deal of the century for me.
See on my way home from work I got a call from my wife who was out with her sister going to one of the three hundred garage sales going on here in Brunswick. And she said they had come across one that had some hunting stuff and maybe we should go back when i got home. Boy oh boy am I happy i did. For $90.00 I got 81 decoys. They are as follows (to the best of my knowledge)

40 Total Goose shells with movable heads. (Flambeau 20 magnums 10 mediums and 10 regular size

18 Flambeau Wood Duck Storm Front decoys

12 Flambeau Green Teal Storm Front decoys

10 Older Styrofoam Blue Bill decoys

and 1 Flambeau Skyscraper robodecoy with battery charger, battery, case and both of the poles. (Yes it works)

I think I did very well until I found out that they belonged to the ladies dad who recently passed away. Tonight I just sat and stared at them for a while and wondered about all the different places and stories that went along with them. Sorry this was so long i just had to share this with you. Thanks!
PS- thanks to my wife for telling me about this and not being mad that we came home with a huge load of toys for me!!!
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