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Day 31 of the 2021 Squirrel Season

I was ready to go in “my” deer woods at 12:52, with bright blue, sunny skies, a temp of 73, & a pretty stiff breeze. I had pulled my trail cam to check the settings as I have been getting very few deer pics. Based on years past, I should be getting a lot more pics.

Everything was quiet until 14:35 when a combine made a pass to the north then east & a return pass to the west & then south. The wind was blowing from the east so I got a bean dust bath on each pass as I sit inside the woods about 30 yards & there isn’t enough foliage to stop the dust. Luckily, I was facing into the woods so I didn’t get it in the face but I did pull up my hoody to keep the dust off my neck & head.

At 15:00, I walked to the shag grove to check for cuttings. There were a lot of hulls but no cuttings & very few nuts. The bushies may have started hoarding them already. At 15:19, I spotted movement far to my right. I didn’t see enough of whatever to definitely ID the critter, but the way it was moving, I suspect it was a squirrel.

At 15:59, a fox showed up on my right closer than the 1st. I suspect it was the same bushy. I watched it move east into a large, dry area of the swamp & out of sight by 16:04.

I sat until 17:00 when the boredom got to me & I headed in. The temp was 68, still sunny with blue skies & breezy.

Day 36 of the 2021 Squirrel Season

Got the 4-wheeler back from the shop & rode it back to “my” deer woods. First thing I did was hang the trail cam. I set-up at 12:40 immediately was firing up the T-cell. It was sunny, 77 with clear, blue skies, & a breeze.

At 14:40, I heard 1 mumbling & grumbling behind me on my right. It sounded like it was a good ways from me. I started watching the tops but couldn’t spot it. At 15:35, it started chirring &, at 13:38, it ran down a dead fall, & hoped in front of me. It must have seen me move as it ran to another dead fall, went to the end, & dropped into the underbrush. At 15:45, I looked to my right & it was on the side of the same deadfall it started on basically doing a loop. I tried to turn but it went to the top of the dead fall, dropped to the ground, ran under another dead fall, & disappeared into the underbrush.

At 15:53, it started chirring again & I though to myself, self I thought: “2 can play this game.” I stood & moved behind a B.A.T so I could peek around either side. I watched until 16:15 when I sat back down with no sighting.

I headed in at 16:45, still 77, sunny, blue, & breezy. I have oral surgery scheduled for tomorrow (Wed.) so, based on that & predicted ran for several days, I’m not sure when I’ll get back out.

The rub was fresh & made sometime between Friday afternoon & today.

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