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I got a late start to the woods behind the house this morning. It was10:13, 68, & clear with a slight breeze. Nothing was stirring except the birds so I took a walk back to the pond at 12:15

Someone had maintained the 4-wheeler trails for many years keeping them from becoming overgrown & removing any fallen trees. Nothing was done last year or yet this year. There were a lot of overgrown areas as well as a lot of trees down over the trails. It was a real PIA getting to the pond & back.

I got to the pond & after a cursory look see, I sat down on my camp chair &, of course, a fox moved along the pond edge. It had been there & I just didn’t see it. I was able to see it moving around the pond circling behind me on my right. It final stopped & she accepted my offer of a ride in my 4-wheeler. The camp chair is very uncomfortable so, after about 1 ½ hrs, I headed back & got there at about 14:03.

At 15:15, an owl started hooting to the far west of me. It called for about 15 minutes. At 14:50, I glanced to my left & a fox had materialized at the base of a tree about 30’ from me. It slowly moved away stopping at about 50’ & will be joining her sister on a ride home.

A few minutes later, a 4-wheeler started running the woods so I headed in at 15:00.

My plan is to hunt “my” deer woods tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully some deer will have shown up in front of my trail cam.

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