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Dang delemmas...

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by coonskinner, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. too much to wanna do in one weekend...:irked:johnstown swappers meet(recurves):biggrin:...osta state shoot in jackson(recurves an fun):bouncy:...squirrel season:bouncy:...and kentucky archery opener(monday)...what do i do...:eek:
  2. Bawana

    Bawana Staff Member Mod

    I'd squeeze some more of them delemmas :mischeif:

  3. oops kentucky season opens sat...i just see it being too hot...not that i worry about spoilage but with deer movement...i still need more practice at 15 and i'm seeing kentucky opener out...i really want to go after squirrels with the recurve using my scouting at the same time...osta shoot is definately a go...johnstown ain no biggy...but i usually get it in with the osta shoot and top it off with a lil scouting on the wayne...:D
  4. Coon,

    So, you'll be at Swapper Days?

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  5. i usually manage to squeeze it in...dint make it last year...:D
  6. I'm gonna try to make it to Swapper's Day early on Saturday and the go Squirrel hunting in the afternoon if the storms hold off.
  7. Might scout,make some brush blinds etc Saturday...Squirrel hunt sunday AM/Cookout with family sunday PM..Relax all day monday:thumbs_up:...Back to the belly of the beast Tuesday evening:(
  8. Not sure what I'm going to do this weekend but I'd like to set some deer stands if the schedule and weather work out. I try to make Swapper's Day once every 3 or 4 years but, even though I only live about 20 minutes from there, the jumbo flea market stuff just doesn't appeal to me enough to do it more often.
  9. Coon i am with you. I will be down in Wayne scounting and shooting the random tree rat that i get a chance on. Never been to swappers day but have wanted to. Gota referree a soccer tournament on saturday.
  10. dang i knew there was another...the corn festival...that adds to the delemma...:(
  11. It's going to start raining during the Bucks game and continue through the weekend. Getting stuck at Swappers Day or the M-port Corn Festival is no fun so I might as well check out my hunting clothes and equipment in the basement, fix the winch on the ATV and maybe make a trip to Buckeye Outdoors to stock up on anything I need for the upcoming season. When that's all done I'll sit on the porch with a beer and a cigar.
  12. Now thats a good plan...I always enjoy going to buckeye ...:bouncy:
  13. Remember, they're closed on Mondays.
  14. i made that mistake last week...wasnt the 1st time...:D:nono:
  15. Have been told that Buckeye Lake/Hebron was a potential sit for Disney World at one time. Buckeye Outdoors is sure close in my opinion!

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  16. and where did i go...nowhere...i been a couch tater all weekend watchin football and at the moment...racin...have got some thangs done like a bunch of vanes stripped off some loomies...ready for some new feathers...i need some practice with that new fletcha fore i do muh next woody bunch...:biggrin:
  17. KY has had a few monsters killed so far. Get out there.