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CVA Hunter .45-70 or .450 Bushmaster?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by jrodge85, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. .45-70

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  2. .450 Bushmaster

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  1. Any thoughts on .45-70 vs .450 Bushmaster? Looking to purchase a CVA hunter in one of these calibers. Any insight into differences in accuracy, range, knock down power etc? Thanks in advance!
  2. IMO the 45-70 would be a better choice because of ammo. way more weights, charges, profiles, etc for the 45-70 and ammo can be found pretty much anywhere that sells ammo. I have a cva and locked into a lead sled with the lever evolution ammo i was able to send them almost through the same hole at 100yards. Both IMO are under 200yard guns and whatever is hit with it will feel the power. on the contrary to what a lot of people think we don't need a 300win mag trucking at 3500fps to kill a whitetail any 45-70 or 450BM offering should do fine for the range we shoot in Ohio. I'm cranking out some 300gr JHP at 1900fps and that's a lot of speed for that heavy bullet.

    I will give another bit of advice-being this close to gun week finding any of that ammo might be a little hard so if your planning on using it in 2 weeks you should make a decision ASAP and buy some ammo before you cant find it.

  3. If your third choice were a .45mag., then I would be all in for that. My CVA Scout v2 shoots Hornady 240grain XTP bullets, MOA-deer, point blank, out to 135 yards , which is almost twice as far as I've ever had to shoot a deer in Ohio...or anywhere else. And, there it has energy to spare (900+ft/lbs) at that distance.

    Attached is my latest target. I still want to tinker with the elevation, but as far as group size, that ain't a bad bullet/barrel combo shooting off of a 100 yard rest.

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  4. We don't need a 300 win mag trucking along at 3500 FPS to kill deer . Says the guy hunting deer with a buffalo rifle !! LOL
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  5. I voted 45/70 mainly because ammo will be easier to find . If you reload it won't matter much .
    My guess is out of the over 2,000,000 buffalo killed with the 45/70 many were killed at over 200 yards .
  6. 200yards is doable but where in ohio do we ever get 200yard shots? if your in farm country its hard because the deer are running because there is 30 amish chasing them or the orange army doing drives. You been drinking to coolaid with Hillbillyohio?
  7. I chose the 45-70 for a few reasons. Bigger is always better! Hit them with a buffalo gun and no tracking, even on a marginal shot its on the ground within feet of the impact, ammo is decently priced, and i like the history behind the cartridge and that's the same reason i wanted a marlin and got one. Its heritage my friend and the hammer of thor! I tried to tell you in another thread it was Thor's hammer. I fired it the other day and when i took it out of the case the clouds began to darken and lightning form in the sky, i could feel the power flowing through my veins and when that trigger broke the thunder cracked and bolts of lightning cracked through the sky and sent this little 300gr hammer cruising at 1900fps right into the half dollar dot of the target, probably collapsed 10yards of dirt of the backstop too (don't think the hunt club will like that too much) and about knocked me off the bench. It was a big step up from using trap door data at 1000fps working up to 1900fps.
  8. Of the 2 listed, I would go with the .45-70. However, i too just bought the .444. 3" high at 100 is dead on at 200. But again, choice depends on the area that you hunt. I hunt a lot of fields.
  9. I do think the 44 magnum is being overlooked. If you do a search you can buy factory ammo that is pushing 2000 feet per second out of the rifle, and there's a lot of ammo to choose from. Not to mention if you reload, that's a whole new world.....
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  10. I shoot an Encore with a MGM barrel in 460sw ammunition selection is very limited. I plan to start reloading someday. 45-70 ammo seems plentiful.
  11. I would vote 45-70 ammo is everywhere. Both will cleanly kill any whitetail with proper bullet placement. Bushmaster pushes a 250 grain bullet at 2200 fps. The 45-70 3025 fps with a 325 grain bullet. The 45-70 shoots a bit flatter at the longer range.
  12. Ohio , There are plenty of places you can have over 200 yard shots in Ohio . Yes most deer are killed at less than 75 yards in Ohio . But over the years I could have shot a bunch of deer at over 200 yards if I had had a good rifle in my hands . My point was only that the 45/70 is a +200 yard deer killer in capable hands . I do find it funny that you say the .300 win mag is not needed . The only other reason people hunt deer with it other than the reasons you use a 45/70 is long range . They say the same things , hits like Thor's hammer , puts them in the dirt right there , drops them like they were hit by lighting , puts them on there butt even with a marginal shot , know tracking . And the guy in Texas tells me it kills them and guts them at the same time . I'm not implying there is anything wrong with using those rifles for deer .

    If bottlenecks were legal my go to gun would be my 7mm08 . But if I had a choice between a 45/70 and a 30/30 the 30/30 would be my choice . Sight in 2.5 inches high at 100 yards and have POA out to 200 yards .

    Wing shooter , you may want to check those numbers 3025 fps with a 325 grain bullet ?
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