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Cuddeback users

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by sitsintree88, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. ok I have a question for u cuddeback guys. Are they really the best thing out there. I have 2 camera cheepes and they r cool work well on bait. Is the hype and price worth it
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  2. I have a attack IR and absolutely love the thing. It has 1/4 second trigger speed and let me tell you it's true. I have gotten pics of a doe running past at night and it's pretty clear. I plan on getting another attack in the spring but I'm going to get the flash.

  3. I have two cuddeback capture IR now. Had them 2 and 3 years and still work like they did when new. Usually go through two sets of batteries a year takes great day time pictures and IR pictures are good just a little blurry. Had another cuddeback camera before that quit working after several years and sent it back to cuddeback and got a new camera for like a $100 through the trade in program, thought that was a good deal. I've also had some cheaper cameras that were junk, but like most everything else you get what you pay for.
  4. Cheap cameras are great for bait stations. Trail or rub , scrape lines I would use a fast trigger speed camera. It doesn't cost $200 to get a dependable fast trigger speed camera. Go to and read all reviews. They test it all. None bias.
  5. Name one that is under $200. With under 1 second trigger time.
  6. Wildgame makes some too. I can go on. You can't get good cameras that aren't marked through the roof. Top companies spend millions in advertising. Sets the price high.
  7. What model? The one I used to have was a little longer then 1 second. Unless you mean the trophy cam HD max but that is the same price as a cuddeback.
  8. Yeah just look at a reconyx. That's ridicules.
  9. Hunten g22-T70ir $199 0.913sec
    Spypoint tiny $169 0.912sec
    Bushnell trophycam hd $169 0.594sec
    Bushnell x-8 $143 0.866sec

    Do you want more??????
  10. Man those are out of my league. Those are rich boy toys. Reconyx.
  11. Got a couple trophy cams and there is not way they are over a second......they are awesome and $139 at Cabelas right now.
  12. I was a cuddeback guy for yrs having owned a lot of them over the yrs.
    I am done with them
    There customer service is crap and there are cheaper cams out there that work just as well or better, every time u send one back they want a 100 bucks for a replacement, if u buy one u are paying for there advertisement, out of about ten I still have two that work !!!!

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  13. Thanks man I didn't know the trophy cam was that quick ill have to pick one up.
  14. is where those results came from. Price were buy it now prices from eBay with shipping included.
  15. I started with the Excite 4 years ago. Worked well for a month, then stopped. Sent it in to get fixed, then it broke again, then I traded up for $100 for a capture. I bought another and they worked ok, but I spent a fortune on batteries....especially in the winter. This summer I put out some Lucky Buck in front of them with fresh batteries. The deer ate the ground a foot deep. On camera only had 30 pics in 4 weeks, the other's batteries were dead. I know there were a lot more than 30 deer at the cam to do that much damage to the ground.........

    I was so pissed, I sold them to a buddy for $50 each.

    I bought an attack last year. It has worked ok, but the images are cropped due to a lens that pops up in the camera that does not properly align. Also, despite having it on camera mode only, it takes 10 second videos as well, which eats up card space. Battery life is excellent!!!! I'm sure I could send it in and get it worked on but I'd rather have the cam running as it is now instead of losing it for weeks.....unless someone want to buy it and the case from me for $180 so I can buy a trophy cam and bear safe????? I paid $225 for the ir attack and $30 for the bear safe...

    Cant go wrong with the trophy cam.....I now have 5 in the woods. Some pics are bleached out from time to time, but I'll take it compared to all of the problems I have had with Cuddebacks.....
  16. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Cuddeback's best days are way behind us.
  17. There product is not the top of the line anymore. Their prices need to reflect that also.
  18. I bought 2 attack ir's used for 100 & 125 each in the spring. They had an issue with the IR pics so i sent them back to cuddeback and got them back in a week @ no charge. Since then(early june) they have been out 90% of the time and havent had 1 issue with the picture quality or anything. The battery life is awesome even with it taking 20 sec videos during the day. I do think il try a trophy cam next time just due to the difference in NEW prices.
  19. Trophy Cams are my preference. You can find them pretty cheap from online stores. You do not need 8 MPixel unless you are planning to make huge snapshots of your deer to hang in the Kitchen. 5 MP in my opinion is the perfect size for any prints you wish to make. You can find 5MP trophy cams for around $130.