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Crow hunting / calling

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Arrow 1, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. What is the best way to get late season crows to come to my electronic crow caller?
  2. I have a Fox Pro. I used the crow party last weekend and they came. I didn’t have any decoys out so they got wise. I was hunting coyote so I had my .17 Rem. no crow shot. I have used the crow fight and they come in. I had a owl decoy and some crow decoys. I think it is best to have the owl up in the air so they can see it real good. Place all your crow decoys higher than the owl. I have used different things to get them up in the air the higher the better.

  3. I have some crow decoys and an owl decoy. what is the best way to get them in the air?
  4. They are a smart, cautious bird, I have tried many times while groundhog hunting to nail one but they always bust me, out of all the years hunting hogs with a buddy of mine we have only managed 1, my buddy summed it up best when he said they know the difference between you and you with a gun:)
  5. Ill agree crows are smart.If your hunting flyways you can use a painters pole to place your decs high in the tree's.If you can get atleast one really high-the higher the better.This one will look like the sentry to approaching crows-pretty natural looking.I have hunted crows several times with decoys if it doesnt look right-they just wont come.99% of my crow hunting is run-n-gun-Id have to guess most of the crows are the locals that dont migrate.We usually dont even set up decoys-just get to a calling spot and call-with like crow gathering-or crow and red tail hawk fight cassettes.How many times have you seen owls out in daylight???I know it works,but in my opionion hawk is more deadly-I have personally seen crows attacking and chasing hawks several times,but never once an owl.when we get the crows into range if we drop one or 2,then we hammer the crow distress call wioth a hand caller,and occasional one or two crows will circle back around for one more shot.Then up the road a mile or 2 and do it again.

    On a side note I have found if you have already called at the same crows several times it's almost impossible to get them in for a shot again.A few years ago we decided to only call on the crows a few times a year-with maybe a month in between calling the samee spots,and numbers are up.Hopefully this helps you out somewhat:D :D
  6. Last year I went out coyote hunting. I was using a rabbit distress just at daylight. An owl came in and attacked the Fox Pro. After about 5 to 10 minutes a group of at least 200 crows shows up and that owl took off with a black cloud on its tail. I thought a screaming rabbit and an owl pouncing on it would make the perfect setup. That owl kept flying up and landing on the caller. I thought the caller would be all scratched up.

    I have also seen them attacking a hawk a few times. If you can get a hawk decoy it probably would be better in the day time. I haven’t seen one though.

    I have a couple of the new fangled cain poles for fishing. They telescope out I am going to try them out. Just tie a short line with a clip swivel on it and snap a crow decoy on it and lean it up in a tree.
  7. That pole idea sounds like a good one. Thanks for the reply.
  8. I learned from a guy in Ga. to make a crow trap and it will hold about 20-30 birds. Then you get some guys up there and when you open up one end of the trap only let a few out at a time and just like skeet shooting.:D
  9. I was doing some coyote calling this morning with my new Foxpro. About 5 crows flew overhead and I switched to crow fight. They fell for the call three times before wising up. I might have to get the 11-87 out of storage!!!!!!
  10. I have called them in with crow fight and watched them fly around. When they leave let them get about 200 yards away and switch to dying crow. Watch them turn around to come back. They look like big WW2 bombers banking around the horizon to come back for another mission.
  11. OHyotekiller , Leave that little 11-87 at home ! We'll break out the SP-10 and do some serious crow shootin !
  12. It is not unusual to shoot 10 crows at a spot if you use a Wildlifetech caller. The crows can't tell the difference between the caller and a real crow.

    Often times I will call an owl into a tree usually a (Great Horned or Barred ow) and then call in the crows. The owl pays little attention to the crows and they flock around the owl but never fly within 5 feet of the owl.

    As long as I call the owl on occassion, the owl will continur to answer the intruder even if I am shooting. The crows will leave, and when I play the crow in distress, the come back. Some will swarm the owl and others will land in surrounding trees which I try to dispatch with my 22 mag.

    Since my caller has a remote control I try to stay 50 yards from the caller as not to scare the owl off and pick the crows off that land in surrounding trees.

    The wildlifetech caller is quite a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for. If a crow or an owl hears the call, they will come every time, unless you have shot at them a few times.

    It works the same on coyotes, and most other perdators and many others. They will come if they hear the call, but will usually circle down wind and if they smell you, it's over.

    Works extremely well on deer, bears, wolfs. elk, moose too.
  13. I would say so,the sounds alone are very expensive on this unit,Iv never actually heard one in person.
  14. Owl call


    I got calls for my grandaughters for Christmas. The crow call I got is very realistic and easy to use.

    The owl hooter I got is not very realistic sounding or loud. Could you reccomend a good sounding owl call that would also be simple for the kids?
  15. Mashunter,

    I know, but it should last you a lifetime with no moving parts. I have about a hundred different sounds, and they all work. My favorites besides the deer calls, are the owl calls. I have more than two dozen different ones. I can't tell you how cool it is to call them in up close and personal.

    I have had them land on my caller. lol I also have a fake mouse on a fishing rod. I play a mouse squeek and reel the mouse in, and they will hit it almost every time.

    I know people call them in with a variety of different callers, but there is just no comparision, none. I would try to explain, but go see for yourself at It is all true and no I don't sell them or make a dime if you buy one. It is just that it is one of the most facinating tool I have ever used.

    I take my grandson with me often, and we have a real blast.

    By the way, I don't know of any other owl call that works good. I know guys that can get barred owls to answer, ut they don't come in close.