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crossbows...for or against

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Troph-E-Hunter, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. FOR

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  2. FOR (LIMITED) - Only in late season or seperate season

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  4. AGAINST (LIMITED)- Only used for physically impaired

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  1. I see that I have opened a can of worms again. Let's revisit this issue like we did earlier.
  2. basement;
    First, thanks for catching that basement about the xbow in late season. When I left Indiana 2 years ago, it was only for handicap. Not hunting there and not being a xbow hunter, I wouldn't know about the late season rule. Second, I wonder why Indiana only allows it in late season? And finally, about your "full of deer pellets statement" I don't think I am full because they sure don't allow xbows for the entire season...just partially full of pellets! :) Finally, I will disregard the "can't find your head" statement! :)

    Did I call you a slob? My comment is that some hunters want the easiest way into the woods, thus someone developed a gun that resembles a bow. Also, a compound resembles a gun because it is point and shoot. Compound shooting involves many facets to pull off the successful shot. I like the challenge it possesses. My "lame excuse" comment comes with my lazy explanation above. Those that I have met have solely bought one because it is so this I don't agree. I also have seen them use it as though it were a regular gun.
    Have you met xbow users like this? 75% of xbowers are like this.

    "Higher degree of danger?" Don't you think a cocked crossbow is more dangerouse with our without a bolt than a compound?

    However........I have met ethical and responsible xbowers. By your replies, I would assume both of you to be so....and for this I am grateful. I just wish that those of xbowers that I meet, that they would be more like you! I do agree that slobs will hurt the reputation of others, yet I still wonder why people choose over a crossbow.

    A few other questions tTo both of you (and others getting into this thread).....

    Why did you get a xbow rather than a compound?

    What kind of sport offerings are there after hunting season for crossbows? I don't hear about IBO and 3D shoots with xbows. Do these exist?

  3. Troph-E-Hunter,

    Enough already, let it go.
  4. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    This topic does nothing other than divide hunters who need to be a united front. I've seen it before, and I'm closing this thread.
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