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Crossbow Limbs

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by CnMbowhunter, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. I recently purchased a Horton Legend SL crossbow from a member on this site. Before buying it I checked it over and at the time didn't see any cracks in the limbs. I ended up putting the crossbow in the basement with my hunting equipment without ever shooting it. I get it out last night to take the peep sight off, as I just ordered a scope for it, and I noticed one of the limbs were cracked.

    Being a second owner of the crossbow, will Horton replace the limbs? How much are limbs? Anyone ever have to replace limbs? The bow is only 3 or 4 years old.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Well, just spoke to will be about $120 plus shipping just for the limbs!! For the cost of the limb repair and the price I paid for the bow itself I could have bought a new one! Oh well! To Horton it goes!


  3. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    That's unfortunate- even though you did check it over, did you contact the original owner-just to see?
  4. good luck getting it back anytime soon. i had the same issue with the same bow, and it took 2 years to get my bow back. they supposedly lost it in the warehouse. i have had several issues with horton bows, mainly the triggers, and in my opinion there customer service is terrible. the local bait/archery shop that i always deal with was a horton dealer for 20 years and finally gave it up, due to warranty work that he sent in getting messed up.

    i switched over to barnett ghost 400 and love it. goodluck with getting your bow back before season is over.
  5. Southern,

    Hate to hear you had a bad experiance in the past with a local Ohio company. Judging by other forum posts on different websites, it looks like Horton's customer service has turned around quite a bit from what you've mentioned. A friend of mine took his bow in and he had it back within the week. I read on another forum where a fella had to ship his back in from another state and he got his back within 10 days.

    I have read some of the tabs that came back with bows fixed sent in by my local shop I help out at and it appeared as if the limbs were around $95. New pockets, axles, and misc parts had a flat fee of $9, plus labor at $15 and shipping at $12. String was only $20 and cables were $25.. So the way I see it for $175 you get a whole new front end of your bow and also a new 3 year warranty.

    I usually hunt with my Hoyt, but in my family we have 4 Hortons (I have a Vision 175, dad hunts with a Legacy 225 recurve, mom hunts with a Team Realtree Ultra Lite, and my girlfriend has an Ultra Lite as well). Each bow has been problem free and being that I live fairly close and from what I`ve read lately, im confident in the fact that they`ll take care of me if any issue arises.

    CnM, let us know how it goes when you send it in.
  6. i was a big fan of horton also, had hunted with them since i was a kid. my whole family still hunts with horton too, primarily because they canot afford or justify a new bow right at the moment. But after having to borrow a bow from my uncle for a whole season it was justified to me to go ahead and by a new bow. I did sell the horton after i got it back, and the guy i sold it too loves it. They just left me hanging high and dry and that just don't work for me around bow season. They probably are a great company still, but my choice from now will be Barnett until they do me wrong. thanks!!!!!!!!!SouthernOhio Boy