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cross hairs on the forum page??

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by j_blocker, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. What do you guys think about them?? I liked the old way with light bulbs. the cross hairs seem to blend in to me.

  2. It's different, I like both ways dont matter to me:)

  3. I didn't even know about them.
    I use Opera so it doesn't show up but switched to IE to see what you meant... I think it's a nice touch, even though I'll never see them. lol

    Edit: I should say I do understand what you mean by them blending in tho. maybe if they were a bit bigger?
  4. Well, Steve must have seen my post and did some fixing so it shows up in Opera, because I see them now.

    It is really hard to see them and if there's a new post.
  5. I personally like the old way better, but it doesn't make that much of a difference for me.
  6. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, you guys that can't see them,... how many colors are you displaying in? I just tried 256 and they look fine there too.
  7. Kind of look like buttons on a cheap shirt. I don't know what it looked like before and wouldn't of noticed these if I hadn't read the thread.

  8. I originally couldn't in Opera,but a few minutes after I posted I went back to the main forum page and they were there. Not sure why I couldn't before unless it was a cache problem.
  9. Ok, guys push the bi-focals up too your eyes this time and look at the screen...:D :D :D
  10. :D

    Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :D :D :p
  11. OK all you old timers, they look fine to my 34 year old eyes
  12. I can see them

    No problems here.:p