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Crazy Channelcats

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This evening, the sky cleared, the water calmed and the fish were biting. I caught a few smallies, but they were too small to keep. Even so, they are always fun to catch.

The channelcats were huge! I lost one that flat out ignored the fact that he was hooked and he was headed for the other side of the planet. After that one, I backed off on the drag and it paid off, as the next one was a 24" fish. The 22" channelcat was caught on a Rebel crawfish crankbait, but the 24" cat was caught on a Repala Original Floating Minnow.

To make the evening even more enjoyable, the sky was good company.

22" and 24" Channelcats.

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congrats,some fine table fare there...:D
The madness continues... :coco: Trolling along the bank, in about 12' of water, minding my own business...when, WHAM a channelcat hits one of my lures. I have never caught my limit of anything, but as of today I can say I have. As Jim Carey would say, "Somebody stop me!" :bouncy:

6 Channelcats: 14", 2 - 18", 22", 24" and 26".

The stringer:

The line up:

The filets:

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How do you make yours?

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Nice fish Daniel :thumbs_up:

Lightly seasoned and grilled/broiled with eggs and home fries...yum
jericho said:
Nice. How do you make yours?
I've always baked them, for about 45 min. and then browned them in a skillet for about 5 min....lightly buttered.

I'd like to try grilling them, to see how that goes.

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