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Crappie attractant

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by LakeRaider, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. We have been using Berkley crappie nibbles with great success in cold water. I recieved a bottle of YUM (shad) attractant for xmas. Has anybody used it for crappies? LakeRaider:""
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  2. Isn't that the stuff Bill Dance promotes?

  3. Ha! Now that

    you mention that he's right on the bottle. Are we the only crappie guys here? Well more for us to eat. lol I hope theres more guys that fish sac-a-lait here. Hey, should I post a thread on how many names there are for specs? Might be fun. LakeRaider:""
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  4. Hey Desperado

    I was just thinkin, where he heck is Pataskala ,Ohio! Your close to Delaware and some other great crappie lakes. We,re also talking about an outing at Paintcreek. Try to make those outings. LakeRaider:""
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  5. i like to use the nibblets also..i used it to tipped my hair jigs that i got from celina..great combo for me..
  6. Fish Formula II Shad ...

    I always dip my Crappie t-tail jigs into it ~ even the s-eye jigs when the bite is slow .. drawback, da big Gills take a likin' to the Crappie jigs:) I just pour a half inch out of the jug into a wide mouth pill bottle ~ shake off the excess in the bottle & go jiggin'. a plus is ya want a lil' on your fingers before you handle a jig for the slow snackin' Momma Sniffers, the dinks don't care:)
  7. Liquid fish attractants

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    Dec-27-02, 06:28 PM (CST)

    "Liquid fish attractants ?"

    Do you find the various liquid fish attractants increase your catch
    of walleye, bluegill or smallmouth ? There are many to choose from.. any helpful hints ? THANKS

  8. Im personally not into tipping unless theres no bite at all. It seems the gills take over when theres food out! Glenn
  9. I never have found scents have helped catch any kind of panfish or sportfish. The hard part is to find the panfish schools or loose congreagtions and then it's just a matter of matching the size of the bait to their mood. Most years I catch over 500 panfish - mostly crappie, yellow and white perch.

    The variety of bait types might surprise most panfish anglers, but downsized bass lures work all year round. I have favorite colors in each lure type that rarely fail to catch less than 40 per day.

    I always alternate between panfish and sportfish to keep my interest at a peak. Besides, some of my biggest sportfish got caught on 'panfish' lures.

  10. Hey Todd this product is a very good i know im not a crappie guy, but i have used that brand MANY times during a very tough bite to convert takes. The shad formula and crawfish formula are great for other species i fish for...i look at it like this..during tough times when the fish are neutral to negative you have to get them to WANT to hit..sometimes you got to expand to all thier sences to do this...for example in cold water a fish will not chase because of thier cold body temp. and slow metabalizim...i have fished baits during this time that usually take fish..when nothing will work i will add some type of attractant and on.
    Always remember that fish rely on my sences to locate prey..SCENT is one of the main ones even in panfish and bass that have lower abilitys to smell than say a channel cat that has much bigger olfactory sacs. Bass and panfish can smell and this should also be a thought to consider when bites are tough.
    Now most guys dont worry about this and thats fine, but those of us that do use WIDE varietys of tactics to consistanly catch many species will say it is important to think about.
    Its the same if you tip a jig with a maggot, minnow, worm or whatever....your using SCENT to help convert a strike...right?
    That shad scent should work very well in areas that have a good shad population...just makes sense that if the predator your after feeds on shad...a shad scent should help you catch them!
    my $.02 worth
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  11. Scott, a neutral fish may need an attractant if the lure were laying on the bottom (deadstick), but 99% of my presentations are motion based, even with very slow motion. The strikes from even neutral fish, come on the erratic swim, slide or drop.

    Even ice fishing, I've used a 1/2" microtube, jigging or barely moving it and found that scent wasn't need to pull in crappie and y. perch out of a school. I use small Swedish Pimple spoons with soft plastics and do well without meat or scent. Granted, a mousy does increase the bite on some days, I'll give you that, but I wonder if it isn't the slight motion the larvae makes before it dies.
    Dead bait don't usually catch fish yet I'm sure they still 'smell'.

    River fishing is probably the biggest waste of scent since the fish has to be directly downstream of the scented bait for it to detect any molecules of scent.

    You may have a point if you think fish hold onto a lure longer due to 'taste' detection. But I've found that reaction strikes, (most of what I get), give me more than enough time to set the hook. In fact, with braid, the fish set the hook themselves with little hookset from me, which gives me all the time in the world to begin playing the fish.

    My basic lure attractants are sight (color, flash, pattern), sound (reflected vibration and lure vibration),and motion (lure-inherent and presentation/angler induced).

    You ever wonder why plastic worms (especially Senkos) catch far more bass than the real thing and especially on turned off fish? It's not the salt. Gary Y. doesn't advertise attractants on his lures, yet the bait can be fished like live bait and is picked up, carried away and swallowed like the real thing. (The salt affects drop rate, softness and action.)

    My biggest use of Formula is to add an oily sheen to a dried out soft plastic and to grease it up so it slides over lily pads easier.
    All other lure types (spoons, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwaters) just never need it (especially as much as Berkely would like us to believe). But confidence is a big factor and what works for you (in case your reasoning is valid), works for probably a thousand others that use scent regularly.

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  12. i agree Sam

    Everyone has thier own styles and methods for sure..SCENT is just another thing to add to the bag and shouldnt be over looked.
    I have read a lot about the SENKO and its smallie catching abilitys, i still prefer other baits to catch smallies during cold water...this year i took smallies every month, including a nice 20"er the 18th of Dec. I also got to see two of my buddys get thier Fish Ohio 20's using the same baits and methods as i use . I fish for a lot of species through out the year with cats taking up most of the warm water times..i still squeaked out over 300+ smallies in 2002 which aint too awful bad for a part-time smallie angler. also considering i only fish rivers and streams for smallies.
  13. Maniac,
    300 is excellent! but, how many were keepers? Of the 180 smallies I caught, only about half were 12" or better; ditto for largemouth. My best lure for smallies was a popper followed by Bass Pro Spring grubs, (zero for Senkos).


    (Another great grub for the price is Gene Larews Hoodaddy in 2.5" and 4". Bass Pro won't carry them anymore, but people can still get certain colors at a reduced price on-line while they still carry them.)
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  14. Keepers?

    I catch & release ONLY so ALL were not;)
    I am lucky enough to have some awsome streams very close to me, one of them has a limit of one smalie per day over 15" this keeps the quality big and the meathunters away.
    I'd say my avg. size smallies run 16-17" easily..i had smaller sizes during summer of course(june, july, aug.) but all the other months produced the bigger ones.
    We had days where my partner and I caught an avg. of 15 smallies per trips(usually 2-4hrs) with my best day by myself of 27 smallies in 5 hrs.(that day they were all 2lbs + with big ones going 4-4.5lbs).
    We catch a ton going 17-19" even my 8 yr old son got a PB this year(first year wading) with an impressive 18.5" smallmouth.
    I know of two gentleman that fish a lot of the same streams as i do, these two are brothers and my grandfather knew them(they are in thier late 70's) and they only fish for smallies, they both get 1000 smallies a pcs each year and have been for YEARS and YEARS..funny old guys..ive ran into them many of times..lots of knowlege there for sure...if i only fished for smallies i bet i could keep up with them;)
  15. best lures

    Well i still dont tell that(only my fishing partners know, but i will say during warm times i throw mostly small cranks for #'s of fish..and tubes(2.5"-3") to match the hatch of crayfish that are everywhere in these streams.
    In cold water i dont throw lures at all, knowing after many of years of winter fishing smallies and trying all kinds of methods and lures i have found what works best for me and the waters i fish..and have even helped a few in this forum increase thier catch rates a lot and increase thier personal best smallies..(aint that right smallie34 ;) :cool: ) Jeff had the best number for an outting this year with 29 smallies landed..congrates !

    Sam do you belong to the group? If not check it out..lots of guys from your area and some TOP smallie anglers for sure on that board.Lots of great info. for catching smallies year round.(some of those guys avg. 1500+ smalies a year)
  16. By keepers I mean 'legal' size, which for N.Y is 12". I fish tournaments and we can only weigh in 'keepers'. Catfish is the only freshwater species I keep, but only in clean lakes and ponds. Our rivers and streams (locally) are polluted enough to ruin the taste and texture for any species.

  17. well sad thing is

    there are a lot of streams that dont have a size limit on "keepers" and these streams get hit hard by meathunters:( !
    Im lucky also to have access into areas most dont know about or are private land along these fishing is always pressure or fish being kept.
    These are the places i took both my boys to and broke them in on stream wading fo smallies this past year..they both had a blast and landed some great fish every trip.
    I just got permission to fish about 10 other spots along a certain stream that will open the door to lots more smallies this coming year( fishing budys dont know yet ;) ) i'll try them out and see how the fishing goes before i tell them;) :cool:

    Good fishing to ya,
  18. Interesting stuff

    Sam, I never thought about the salt used to soften the plastic or alter the drop. Lot's of good info.
  19. Keepers

    I know what you mean about "keepers" . We use that same term on wipers....over 3# is a "keeper" although we release them all. So we might have a 12 fish day, 7 keepers.....;)