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After watching THE OSU dominate Maryland (66-17), I decided to see what I had in the kitchen of which to make a meal. It seemed like a casserole was a good idea. This is not a recipe type casserole, it is more of a SWAG recipe as I didn’t measure anything, just used what I thought seemed like a good amount.

I used my mandolin to slice the tators & a chef’s knife on the pepper. I poured all the liquid from the beans, peas, & mushrooms into the dish for moisture. I layered potatoes, ½ of the peas & beans, & 1 can of ‘shrooms then added spices. Next a layer of meat & cheese. I added a 2nd layer of everything except the cheese which I will add for the final 3 minutes of cooking.

I baked the casserole at 400 for 45 minutes, added the cheese, & baked for another 3 mins.

For just tossing a bunch of stuff together, I think it turned out pretty tasty.

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