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Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by gamegetter1, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. I tried to call some coyotes the other night. no luck. Didn't see anything. I thought we were in a pretty good spot. We had a "rabbit in distress" call, but i'm wondering if we called it right? Maybe someone could give me some pointers.

  2. a lot of things could have gone wrong. If you were using one of those tapes or cds I guarentee those yotes have heard it 100 times. I never have had any luck with those. I usually mouth call.
    Havent made it out yet this year.

    I did shoot a yote christmas day with my bow while deer hunting.

  3. You need to change up to what the guys in your area are hunting with. The tapes being used are just a warning to them if they had a close call before. Like gamegetter1 said use a mouth call and change up a little.;)
  4. David -- This is a link to one of the better coyote huntin sites on the www. There is a page that has calls on it, you can hear what they sound like.

    This is what works for me.
    I like to call in an area that has good cover, for mice.
    Cut corn fields that are next too weed fields are good.
    Any field or pasture that has knee high weeds has a good population of mice and rabbits.

    When I set up to start callin, I try to make it difficult for a coyote or fox to work down wind of me. Ditches and fence rows can help you out on trying to keep them down wind. (sometimes)

    I start my calling softly at first and increase the sound a little at the end and stop it dead.
    Remember -- You are a rabbit that just got caught by a predator and you don't like it at all, make the sound quiver and go up and down, put some feeling into it, talk to that yote.

    When you put a light on that yote don't put the brightest part of it in his eyes, use the edge of the light, Just enough so that you can see him. I use an amber light, but never put the center of it in his face. My rifle and shotgun have a red lights on them.

    David --If you are seeing a lot of birds of pray(hawks, Owls) working a field during the day, you can bet that the Fox and Coyotes are working that same field at night.

    Good luck ---- Oh, yea. Almost forgot-- one more thing. Dog's will come to the call.
  5. Thanks A ton!

    Thanks for all of your help. I'll be sure to keep all of your information in mind the next time I go out. I have a new spot in mind too... A weed field that I always see hawks in, and cats too. I was using a mouth call, but I wasn't exactly sure how to call effectively. Hopefully I'll get my first yote soon.

    Senecabow, thanks for the website. It helped a ton.

  6. I can get them to sing but can't get them in.I get a lot of owls and hawks right up to the speakers.
  7. Never had any probs using tapes hmnmmnn
    Use mouth calls too don't settle down with one of anything find out what they like use it till they don't like it anymore...

    You can't kill what is not there... scout like you would for any other game and stay scent free <--- !!!!
    Play the wind
    don't wear out your welcome in one spot... we won't work an area for more then 20 mins... if no yote/fox we move on...
    open fields wit ha decoy work magic thsi time of year.. decoy can be as simple as a yarn ball with scent to rabbit skin both hooked to fishing line to allow some movement... I stake mine with a length of rubber band so I can pull it towards me then release it and it will work away form me.... Nothing like watching your decoy get attacked!!!
    Standing corn is awesome this time of year....

    Food supplies are down and all the guts piles are gone form deer season so drag road kills to secluded areas and hang them from a tree where you can have a good vantage point...

    Nothing like night hunting when them devil eyes come calling :D
  8. yotes

    i have nver gone yote hunting,is there any body around the
    dayton are willing to give an ole boy a lesson or 2
    i have land to hunt ,cedarville, newlebanon,preble county
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  9. Hey spencerstub...
    You may want to start a new thread asking that same question;)
    GOOD LUCK I'm too far away here in Cleveland to be any help :(
  10. Coyote Hunting

    I live about 50 miles from you and I would love to help you out but do to a bad left leg that has no feeling in it I have to stay inside out of this cold weather. But if you are still in need this spring I can help.
    But if you like I can call you and talk over the phone just e-mail me you phone number and a good time to call.

    I do hunt coyotes in the winter but I do it in my truck and over bait and it works very well after you get it started.

    You will see my photo on the side it was taken last 4th of July in SD with my 1248yd shot and I can walk.
  11. yotes

    atrkhntr& rick thanks for the replys and suggestions
  12. spencerstub
    I just shot you same e-mail this morning.
  13. yotes

    hey rick i did not get your e.m. please re .em. me or call my companys phone # spencers tub & shower repair in warren co
  14. i got the purrfect place,AIMRITE,clelunns,the field we go thru ,knee hi weeds...i hear em howlin' an barkin there all the time...lets go huntin,man...oh shoot i gotta git a huntin license don't i...have they expired???
  15. hey george, can i tag along on this , i sure would b gratefull
  16. its on private land and the landowner is kinda strict on me takin fellers there,but there is public land near by...maybe we can figure somethin' out...oh by the way that is where i got jumped by the thing...