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Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Farmbear, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Is anybody seeing any coyotes latly. I seen some in the fall but not of late. I have not been out to hunt them in weeks. I have not seen any here of late. Mybe I should go on a hunt. But I'm not sure there active of late. Like to know if anybody has been seeing any out & about.:confused:
  2. I rarely see em in the city LOL

    I havent seen any lately. However I must say thatin the last year I have seen and heard more yotes than I had in the previous 10.
    Because of it I have taken a interest in to maybe doing some yote hunting in the future.

    How long have you been hunting yotes?

  3. yotes

    saw plenty during gun season (deer) mostly on the first couple or last couple drives of the day . some made it some didnt , and they are the only reason i go on the deer drives. anyone know of a group that hunts them outside of deer season? calling them in is fun but not near the action you get on drives.
  4. Was jut out yesterday

    Went out and called yesterday in the evening. I did not manage to call in a yote. I did see a nice 12 point that made it through the gun season. If you can find a dead deer along the road it would not hurt to call the state and take it. Hang it in a tree in an area you know to have held coyotes. If they are in the area, they will hang there for days working it. Be sure to hang it high enough so they have to work to get to all of it.

  5. Thanks for the info folks. I well be going out as soon as I can. Happy hunting.;)
  6. Saw a couple before gun season started during archery season,will be going out soon too good luck guys post some pictures of your yotes
  7. Seen alot deer season more during muzzleloader.Went out last weekend with a group of guys for the first time and got my first one. not very big and was pretty manegy looking.we got 6 total. Somehow 7 more slipped by us.
  8. Congrats on your first one still waiting on mine.Did you get all 6 yotes in one night? thats good.What part of the state are you hunting them in north ,south ,central,east or west.
  9. We got 5 on Sat. 1 on Sun. we were hunting during the day doing drives, was hunting in Wood Co.(north) Going to get some calls before weekend so daughter and I can try our luck that way have a few woods that we're the only ones allowed to hunt.
  10. Black Eagle
    I got two coyotes out of four that I seen this morning over bait at 8:30am. and the AR was right on.

    All four was at the baiting spot I use, I got one at the bait spot and one more about a 100yds off he stop to look back to see just what went down they. The other two was running so fast I couldn't get tham in the scope.

    That make me 14 teen coyotes this winter so far.

  11. I know this sounds stupid, but My neighbor told me that yotes will attack and kill a chained up dog????? That sounds kinda far fetched to me????
  12. flathunter

    That is right about coyotes kill dogs chained up.

  13. i saw 3 coyotes in the last week...very very sneaky:D
  14. Not lately, but will be on the move come next month as the breeding season kicks in! Had a young pup sneak up behind me last year while videoing deer pre-season. I had the camera trained on an 8pt when the coyote let out a howl not 50yds behind me in the hayfield. Well, I damn near ate that Panasonic and would've poked my eye out if not for my glasses protection. LOL---I was able to get good 10min video of him as he barked, howled, and paced back & forth . I was glued to a big hay bale and he could'nt make me out& was quite possibly the first human he'd ever seen! Mama & two more pups came to the rescue and the jig was up! I killed that 8pt one month later in bow season which made the whole senario one interesting year!----TF
  15. please somebody take me yote hunting, i went last night and no luck. will pay for exspences, i am in the dayton area:(
  16. Hey carpwarrior
    Are you having any luck with the coyote hunting?

    I got up saturday morning and took off for my buddy's place over in Columbus. I was on ST. RT 36 just about two mile from Urbana and I seen two coyotes crossing the field but my luck I left my rifle at home so after getting out of Urbana I got on ST.RT 29 and about 4 miles out of Mechanicsburg I seen one more crossing a field I told my buddy next time I come that way to go to a gun show I am bring a rifle along.
    After the gun show in Hilliard I told my buddy to give me a rifle of his so if I see any coyotes on the way home I could stop and shoot but I didn't see a one.
    Maybe next time!
  17. they are probably real hungry right now!