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coyotes in my back yard....in town

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Just feed my dogs ( lab and jack russell ) @830pm walked into my garage and seconds later both dogs went crazy.... Barking growling ect. Looked out my back garage door and there stood 3 coyotes @ 30yards. Heads down back arched ready to do battle with my dogs. My 223 had different thoughts. Ran in the house and grabbed my rifle out of the gun safe. I opened my back window. They were still posturing @ my dogs which are in a large kennel. Picked out the biggest coyote and squeed. Dropped big female.

I live on the edge of town with a large field behind use with a creek. I lived on this street for 35 years and never seen coyotes this close to town. With the mild winter and plenty to eat i dont understand why they would be coming into town ? Never the less shot gun and rifle is loaded in the gun case from now on.


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Their getting brave.....and looking for an easy target.
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