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Coyote had a bad morning

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Yesterday morning I hunted a farm in Pike county. Got in early and had 3 birds going off around 6:15. Had one heading my way until a hen started yelping in the bottom. watched him follow her back up the hill he had just came down.. After about 20 minutes I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and here comes a coyote. He is paralleling the ridge about 20 yards down on the hillside. I clucked a couple times to get him to look up the hill, and he locked in on my 2 hen decoys. He dropped low to the ground and was puttin the stalk on them. I just let him keep coming til he was 5 yards from the decoys and as he raised up to charge them I let him have it with 2 ounces of hevi 13 #5 shot. Nice sized male, I would guess 35 lbs. The farmer told me to take them out if I get a chance. He was glad to hear I got one.
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Last weekend around 11 am after the guns were packed away saw 2 big guys.nice job!
Nice job!!!!
Good job! Opportunity knocks!!!! :) :) I saw one yesterday while hunting. Wished I would have had a decoy or two out.
I got one in Scioto county last year that charged across the corner of a hayfield at the decoys. A buddy that regularly hunts with me has killed 5 in the past 3 years the same way. Was glad to get him before the poults hatch and fawns are born.
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Congradulations! Kill 'em all!!! :cool:

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