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Corn harvest in september

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Deadeyes, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Cant remember the last time corn was being harvested in september. Most of the fields in my.area are being harvested already. Wondering how this is going to effect early season. Food? Cover? Calling on all my elders for some advice for hunting this unique situation. I have a stand set up by trail crossing over a creek but it leads to corn field the deer were Still a good stamd for.early.season? Any advice would be.greatly appreciated.
  2. I too have the same issue. Help would be great. Scout last Weds. corn was 1/2 harvested still seen 17 deer. Most right at dark. Had a 10 pointer that coat was greyish most be old. Been hunting same farm for 3yes 1st I have seen him.

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  3. took a bunch of corn off yesterday and last night.....only bumped a few does out of 150 acres of corn.....i been seeing them mostly coming out of woods anyways...up this way no bugs in woods so they got cover there....foood source....there will be alot of corn that has falling off stalks already and beans are small so ppl will lose acrons are huge and plenty of them i seen yesterday too
  4. Tell me about it!! I saw some huge acorns in the woods today!!

    I just wonder how the corn issues are going to affect the waterfowl this winter. Im worried the food isnt going to be there enough to hold birds long.

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  5. agree bout the acorns...i seen triple the acorns i seen on my last scout and i seen a lot more in a couple of the trees...:bouncy:this is good for wildlife...:bouncy:
  6. Corn is being picked in my area already as well...Good thing I put my food plot in today...:mischeif:
  7. Why would you think it would affect waterfowl? I would say it would be better than when the corn is grown in a normal year...more corn tends to fall off the stalk during a year like this so waterfowl should have more corn to eat. Some farmers around here, including us, have started taking some of their early variety corn off already because its starting to drop. We will switch back to beans soon.
  8. Can't remember which year for sure, but 2 or 3 years ago we were running corn in September. That was the earliest my dad said he could remember taking it off and he is in his 60's. On a side note, it kinda ruined some of the pot growers crop too as they were caught napping being it was so early. My dad shredded 20 plants in his combineheader. He ran it most of it before he realized what it was. I remember reading in the paper about this same thing happening all over Ohio because the corn was ready for harvest so early.
  9. Great Big Acorns!!! I'll have a stand sitting over some white oaks come opening week! I'm posted up on opening day on the corner of a corn field and bean field! I got food everywhere. Can't wait! 13 DAYS!!!
  10. that makes me laugh....where did you corn go??? may have made some cows pretty mellow if silage...!!
  11. Local elevator. Most of it was shredded in the corn head before it went through. Also it was so early the plants hardly had any buds on them. If they were fully grown, there probably would have some parts that would have made it in and possibly in your corn flakes:biggrin:. Although there must have been enough developed because the next morning everything that was left in the field were gone. The only way my dad knew if was pot because he eventually noticed white string that they tied the pot plant to the corn stalk next to it to keep it growing upward(like a tree in a yard).
  12. Good word. I didnt really view it that way, I was more thinking that cause the crop wasnt as good that there wouldnt be as much on the ground, but I think Im following now. Thanks for correcting the way I was thinking! Maybe it wont be a bad year then!! Regardless of how good or bad the hunting is, my thoughts go out to the man on the tractor who isnt going to have a good year for crops.

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  13. That's a shame. (Lost Pot) LOL

    When I was in Adams county last monday, the cheastnut oak acorns were everywhere and yes large. That's where the deer are right now. I only have one location that has corn around it.
  14. Thats just my thinking with the waterfowl, I could be wrong. I would say you would have more issues if bean prices stay high and corn prices drop next year, more farmers might be more apt to plant soybeans instead of corn....then your talking hundreds of thousands of acers of less corn. Again just my .02
  15. welll took all corn off.....and saw NO DEER in there in woods, because there are not any bugs in the woods what so every.....
  16. Last year I had fields (that I goose and duck hunt) that they didn't even plant corn. Needless to say I did't hunt them. This year, the birds will find food in the fields late season they always do...

    On the pot thing I didn't know they planted it in corn field. Wouldn't they be easy to see? Especially from above?
  17. Not sure how easy it would be. I assume they planted it in the row to use the fertilizers. Hard to prove whose it is if there are 20 houses around the field. I don't think it gets much higher than the corn itself and helicopters probably can't cover all the acres of corn fields especially in our area where its mostly fields and just about every other one is a corn field.
  18. 2 years ago. It was early, I don't think it helped my deer hunting any. Deer numbers are down not just hiding in the corn.

    I did like to see it gone and like seeing it coming off now.
  19. Check the oaks on my property and it looks like a bulldozer has been driving circles around the white oaks. Reds havent started dropping yet. Definately plan on taking my climber with me. Might have to buy a ground blind. Any one ever use a big mike from barronett?
  20. Yep yep oaks are the hot spot at the moment, funny thing is down here it's the red oaks and the whites are just starting to fall.

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