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Coon dispatch?

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by RobbyB.96, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. just wondering what everyone uses to dispatch their coons quickly? The only method I’ve been shown is hitting them on the head then standing on them hoping to find a quicker method.
  2. .22 to the head
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  3. Hit em on the head, then roll em over and hit em in the windpipe to break it . It's quick and no blood
  4. I'll third the 22 to the head. I assume this is one you've trapped?
  5. I watched primman kill one in one shot with a lead pipe...... in the kitchen. Sorry clue reference. But I always use the .22 as well.
  6. .38 works as well but .22 cheaper still
  7. [​IMG]

    I perfer the compound bow action myself. And,,, you can always reuse the arrow. :rolleyes:
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  8. lol! man that looks brutal! I had the same thoughts with coyotes, but if the move and you miss, kiss the arrow good bye. they will chew the crap out of them.
  9. That's crazy. To me it's no different then a rat. If he had done the same to a rat would they arrest him?
  10. Maybe ,and for sure if the rat was someone's pet . Now if it had been a muskrat trapped underwater it would be fine . As long as it was done in trapping season and they have a trapping permit . Guess that guy should have used a pellet gun to the head and fed it to the fish at night . Dang nosy neighbor .
  11. I mean he did go way out of his way to dispatch it in that manner. If you're gonna dispatch something and go out of your way there are many other alternatives that won't get your neighbors panties in a bunch. Personally if I'm taking an animals life, first and foremost concern is to do it as humanly as I can and minimize suffering. There's lots of unknown variables here, maybe he is in a locality that doesn't permit shooting and/or has to contact animal control for any issues like this. Even for trapping for fur, it's one thing if the animal drowns before you get to it. Completely different story if you show up to it alive and choose a method that causes more suffering than necessary. And this will just be one more story making trappers that care to dispatch animals effectively without unneeded suffering look bad.
  12. Some things you just don't have to advertise . The world is not like it was 40 years ago . Animals have rights today , They are taking more of ours and giving more to the critters .
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  13. I agree catchdog, even if you're 1000% legal. Wrong person sees it, construes it and posts it all over social media and your life could be changed forever as your employer can can you and your name could be tarnished for nothing. It's ridiculous anymore.
  14. Wildlife: Definitely food for the defenders of wildlife! I hate to even say it, but in my early trapping days before I could carry a handgun, I pounded coon on the head till their eyes turned red. Now I shoot in ear, and put a new set in. Good luck hunting and be safe.