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Controlled hunts

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by PJWJ, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. years ago I was gifted a controlled youth hunt to the killdeer plains wildlife area.

    I never applied for them but I’m thinking about doing it this upcoming year. Has anyone here applied to them? If so how often do you get Drawn? Is it worth driving there and hunting a never scouted area?
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  2. I've entered something like 4 of them every year. I can't remember how many years I've been entering. Maybe 17 years? I've been to Mosquito twice, Ravenna once and NASA Plumbrook once. I've never shot a deer. My husband shot a doe on one hunt. But each time we have had a blast hunting. It's just fun to do something different. And I don't mind not getting drawn at all.

  3. That’s practically 25% that’s not bad at all for entering a drawing. I went on a youth hunt once and really enjoyed it. I’m glad to hear it’s also enjoyable.
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    They post the odds of being drawn, they are not that good. I too have been to Mosquito twice. Ravenna once and Plumbrook once, but have been entering every year forever.....I shot a doe at Plumbrook and a half rack in a late muzzy hunt at Mosquito.

    They are fun to do, but most have unreal expectations.
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  5. Did you have more opportunities to harvest and just passed? I sorta expected that there’d be a high percentage of harvests but I think maybe My expectations were too high as well.
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    Plumbrook....hunted all day saw 2 deer total. Killed the doe, passed on a buck I probably should have shot.
    Ravenna...hunted all day saw 3 deer. No good shot opportunities.
    Mosquito....first time hunted all day neither me or my partner saw a single deer.
    Mosquito..... second time jumped 4 trying to get to my spot. Shot the half rack, after climbing down I had 4 more doe run right to me. This was all before 10 am.
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  7. It sounds like you had some great hunts some not as great. As is hunting I reckon. I think I’m going to go ahead and try it and see what happens. I think I read sometime in June was the deadline?
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  8. You might consider trying to get into Slate Run Metro Park's controlled Whitetail Deer gun hunts in Pickaway County?

    I was a neighbor of the park for at least eight years. Being a neighbor I always got an invite from the park for their Whitetail Deer control hunts. I didn't always participate because I was typically done with my deer season before then, however I did do a couple of them over my eight years being a neighbor. There are always plenty of deer and some of the best bucks in the county, imo.

    In 2011, I hunted there for the second and last time. I harvested a nice 143" 9 point buck during an all day rain event hunt. He was behind my house the night before trailing a couple of does. The next day, I watched him all day during the rain in the park. He was bedded approximately 80 yards away from me in some tall cattails along the backside of one of the lakes. He finally made his way back towards me and my house shortly before the day was finished when I took him out of the herd.

    2011 Slate Run Park 9 Point:

    They usually invite 100 hunters annually and each one can bring a partner if they choose. It's approximately 1,850 acres of wildlife preserve with beautiful lakes and habitat for all kinds of wildlife. The deer are pretty uneducated because of the low pressure and it's a two day gun hunt only. Something I'd recommend to anyone if you're lucky enough to get in. You usually get re-invited every year unless they determine you not to be successful in helping them reduce the deer herd.

    I'd suggest that you send them a letter requesting to get in each year until you're successful if you're interested. You may get lucky enough to get in at some point.

    Good luck!
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  9. That’s awesome info wildlife, I’m less than 2 hours from there... I’m wondering if we should turn this into a sticky-thread that we can create notes for the controlled hunts? Kinda like a helpful spot people can check if they get drawn to help since we don’t get a chance to really scout. I read where someone was asking about plumbrook on here might be a useful thread... so what do you guys got?

    I went to killdeer plains on a youth muzzleloader hunt in 2005-2006 ish can’t remeber what section I was placed in but I remember the facilitators saying

    the deer followed the dikes to move

    around. It was super cold -9 with the wind of memory serves me correctly. Dad and I had been up since 230 driving there arrived at 430 napped checked and left with our assignment. When we got there we strategized on what we wanted to do and I opted for waiting on daylight as we had no idea of the layout and had a chance to jump shoot one. We finally gathered our gear, walked into the field and sat up the ground blind. We crawled in and got situated and I was texting Mom, “hey we made it safe waiting on the deer just got...” dad said there’s a deer I looked out the window brought the smoke pole up and shot a doe. She ran 40 yards and piled up. We hadn’t been sitting two minutes. Got the gear and deer to the truck and left. Made the 3 hours drive back in time to watch a noon basketball game at my Highschool.

    Hopefully you all that were older when you went or have better memories can give some better info. I’d suspect the deer use the dikes because they are so much of a funnel point.
  10. Here's another example of a Slate Run Park roamer. I harvested him just outside the park one October, Sunday afternoon on private property. There are plenty more in the area of the same caliper. In fact, I seen my biggest Ohio buck still to date standing in my front yard one evening, just outside the park. He had so many points, I couldn't count them all and my wife had the pleasure to encounter him as well. He was a monster!

    During that time of my life, I hunted Pickaway and Fairfield Counties mainly. Now I'm hunting Ross County and it's a complete different ball game to say the least. Talk about hunting pressure, holy smokes....

    2010 Pickaway Co. 174 6/8" 16 point:
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  11. Congrats!! What a brute! That is a gorgeous deer. Thanks for sharing that, I may have to send them a letter. Any suggestions if they were to invite me or anyone else for that matter? Places you happened to notice they hung out, known bedding areas etc.
  12. Thanks!

    The park rangers let you scout the park days in advance and to setup tree stands or blinds before the actual hunt. The entire park is full of deer and there are areas/zones within the park one will not be allowed to hunt in. Usually on day two of the hunt, many of the hunters do deer drives from noon on, which I never took part in myself. My best recommendation is to get to the far NW area of the park. It has the most cover next to a creek within the hardwoods where many deer bed right along the creek banks. It's also a quick escape for them out of the park.

    Like I said, keep pestering them to get in. They usually send the letters of invites out in late October or early November. Good luck to you!