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The important point is not the number of raccoons thinned but rather the number of raccoons artifically increased by an unnatural abundance of high quality food spit out on a schedule...often, nearly year-round.

Reducing personal raccoons helps but, even without the oft-mentioned and over-blown decline in trapping.....food in easy abundance(well beyond the corn harvest) tells the raccoons to breed...Abundantly, capital A.

It is too much to expect to find help from either distemper, Buicks or a few deer hunters killing a comparable few raccoons at their feeders.
Basically, too few 'hunters' care and fewer still see their own decisions as part of a greater problem than crowding at deer feeders....or who wins a photo contest.

Sadly, if...a doubtful if...deer feeders are ever meaningfully addressed in Ohio, it will be due to problems linked to the whitetail deer themselves.....not to negatives way beyond deer.
Those negatives simply do not rate high enough to matter.
Math done....it's good to be 70.
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