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Contender G2

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by Smallie34, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. Just read in the new Shooting Times where the G2 will be out in 2003, retail is $472, barrels are 23" long, pretty much the same calibers as before except they added the 17HMR, pretty sharp looking rifle, seemed like more of a fullsize rifle especially compared to the carbine which is good news for us bigger guys, some people doubted(and probably still do) that the G2 would even come out, they have been pushed way back in favor of the Omega, also existing carbine barrels will fit the G2, they have also added the 375H&H to the Encore line, my wish list for 2003 just got bigger:D :p :D
  2. Jeff

    Buddy i feel since ive worked with ya like 6 yrs now..i know what kind of person you are..i know your passion for guns in a GOOD thing..not a mental illness please tell me this...are there African Lions, Bengal Tigers or Grizzly bears in Ohio that i dont know of? I mean a 375H&H and big 45/70 Gov't loads..come on...all ya need next is a 50cal. for Big Foot geez;) :p

    "Lions and Tigers and Bears ..oh my!!"

  3. Dude

    My post was more along the lines of letting everyone know about the G2s release, it has been in the works for a while now...but for one reason or another has been put on the far back on the backburner where alot of TC nuts think it might not come out at all, so when Shooting Times says get ready its on its way...its big us TC nuts that is, my G2 will in all probability will be the 17HMR, the 375H&H is more gun than I have use for at this time(but I do know guys who go to Canada to hunt Moose etc) I had a 14" 45-70 barrel for my Contender at one time but promptly traded it and never have regretted it, have I satisfied your curiousity:p ;)
  4. Jeff

    Fully understood the reason for your post..i have always been a big fan of the TC guns and have a .50 cal New Englander muzz. that i have takin a few deer with back in the day. I always wanted one of the contender set ups..but since my hunting has givin way to my year round fishing, the thoughts of buying one has fell away.
    I certainly can see if one was hunting the north country the need for such big cals...but i would have the 22-250, 223 and 17 myself too for Ohio varmints.
    Since you are knowlegable about the TC contender style guns including the new G2...whats the lengths these barrels come in? Are these guns still single shots like the original contenders?
  5. Dude

    Everything is still a bit of a mystery on the G2, it is my understanding that TC has stopped making the 10 and 12" Contender barrels, why I dont know, they will probably offer 14" maybe a 16" probably a 21 and 23" for the rifle, custom barrels can be had in about any length, they are still the single shots, I guess if you have to stop buying guns then the next best thing is tackle:D :D
  6. hahahaha

    "I guess if you have to stop buying guns then the next best thing is tackle ".....well if i took the money i have in tackle and put it towards guns...i could supply a good sized;)

    Thanks for the info.
  7. So you guys just buy your barrels from Thompson or fox ridge? I have been buying custom barrels from bulberry and virgin valley for a couple of years. I have 17 ackley hornet, 17-223, a couple of whelen calibers. I was considering a couple of the JD Jones calibers.
  8. I have a Fox Ridge barrel for my TCR-83 its in 17 Remington, I used to have a 7X57 barrel but sold it, I also used to have a 25-284 barrel for my Encore handgun but sold it as well, the 25-284 was from Bullberry, I have been hearing mixed reviews about Virgin Valley...both about the quality of there barrels and customer service, what I have heard about Bullberry has pretty much all been positive, a 257JDJ barrel would be cool but man they are I would always worry about the availibility of 225Win brass.
  9. Whooo Hooooo ! I've been waiting for the G2 to come out ! I need at least one to add to my Contender and Encore collection . Might have to give Bullberry a call and get a new barrel ordered , or maybe Virgin Valley ??? I can't wait !!!
  10. Its supposed to be out this spring, but it was supposed to be out last spring to, I guess we will have to wait and see.