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Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by JBSedon, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Every year around this time, Ohub gets flooded with users preparing for the upcoming season. Hundreds of new threads get started about equipment, where someone hunts, age/score, the list goes on. But one thing we never really bring up is conservation. What does conservation mean to you? What do you think you can do differently to affect conservation in a good way?

    Personally I feel that conservation means taking action to help preserve habitat, create more habitat and food sources, and practicing selective harvest.

    I have spent alot of time the past two years clearing my selected area for a food plot for deer and turkeys, creating brushpiles for bunnies, selective timbering, and attempting to control underbrush growth in certain areas. I shoot so many carp out of the waters in the state, itd be impossible to count. Sure, its fun, but I am also promoting clean water and invasive species control. I try to be selective when hunting, taking mature animals and only as many as the area calls for.

    What do you think it means and what do you do?

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  2. I think conservation goes basically with QDM standards.

    Harvest does, I do not think the ratio needs to be 1to1, I think you need to harvest does in areas where the doe numbers seem out of whack, like some areas I hunt where there are 13 does at a time in fields.

    Creating habitat, not everyone believes in food plots (i do), but also hinge cutting, select cuts, clear cuts, burns, etc, these all create natural bedding, food, etc for deer.

    Harvesting Mature animals, or what your read to harvest and makes you happy. I manage my small farm, but I will let my younger cousin kill a 3.5 year old 130inch if it makes him happy cause I know he has not killed a nice buck yet, and does not have a ton of time to hunt.

    Overall, I think conservation is very important, if your like me and love killing does to fill the freezer, spread them out, dont kill 8 does off a 100 acres and wonder where the deer went, truly a too common of a problem Ohio is currently facing.

  3. Darron B

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    Putting back more than what you take. I spend far more time during the off season working on my property (food plots, planting trees, fixing fences, fertilizing, etc) versus my time in the stand with a bow or gun.
  4. :yeahthat::yeahthat::yeahthat: I do the same....

    Knowing your deer #'s and not over killing. Some areas I see it done and others I don't...
  5. Conservation to me means don’t use it up.

    Push to make more areas right for both the takers and the taken.

    Invite family and friends to participate in the making and the taking.
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