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Columbus Streams ~ per Req

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Erie, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Thanks Erie. This very cool.

  2. Great link just wish my dial up was not so slow:(
  3. Jack ...

    Once you've got the main slow loader on-screen & you click your spot ... change the topside menu to small map & 1:25,000 scale for a fast loadin' smaller map of your selected area. Would you like 30 mile or so long one centered on the Scioto South of Columbus to pick sections from?

  4. Ohio River ??

    Do they have the river ? In SW OH & SE IN ??.......thanks Ray.......Jim
  5. Yes Mr Ray I sure would, like to see it from 10 miles below Columbus, down to 60 miles below columbus???
  6. Jack ...

    Here's a roughly 30 mile section centered on CIRCLEVILLE .. just put your cursor at the bottom of the map on the Scioto & click again ~ it will re-center the map on that spot & give you another 15 mile or so. If you know the gps coords of your spot just punch them into the left side menu & the map will pop up.

    I have a friend who luv-ed fishin' this Circleville area that I retired with :
  7. Jim - mrfish/OH

    Just put your gps coords in the menu or send me some coords to get me in the ball park .. I'd pop one in on the Ohio/Ind border for about 15 air miles either way for starters.