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Columbus area?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by trout, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. My brother and his family are moving to Columbus from the Troy area.
    What type of hunting is there in the Columbus area? Say 2-3 Hours drive?
  2. You can hunt everything Ohio offers in a 2-3 hour drive. Can you be more specfic?

  3. From Columbus you can almost drive out of the state in 3 hours in any direction you may want to go.
  4. I know they bird hunt uplands and turkey,
    Any really good Cat rivers or anything for a 14 yr old to do near there would be a big help.
    Not looking for any top secret spots, just sort of an idea of whats in that area. Thanks
  5. in 3 hours from columbus you can be in cleveland, toledo, wheeling and Indianapolis, well oh most.

    There is alot of public hunting bout 45 minutes north at delaware state park. Lot of hunting 2 hours south in the Wayne national forest. Not much in the way of upland birds unless you hunt private preserves, little pricy for my taste.
  6. Trout:

    The Scioto river runs through Columbus. Should pick up a few cats there. Havn't fished it myself, except for where it meets the Ohio River, but you should be able to catch some fish.

    About 50 minutes down rt 23 outta Columbus you'll run into Wayne National Forest. No pheasants in these parts for bird hunting, but there is grouse. plenty of Turkey though and lots of deer.