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Cold weather reloading!

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by ASC, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Temps are finally starting to warm up a little, but Saturday was still frigid. Decided to load up some cartridges for the 30/30. Not a bad way to spend a lazy afternoon.
    IMG_5307.JPG IMG_5308.JPG
  2. Hmm? Let me try again.
    IMG_5306.JPG IMG_5305.JPG IMG_5304.JPG

  3. I did some .45 last night. About 50 rounds shot a handful of them last night to figure out what charge I needed to cycle properly. Got that, but was having a little chambering issues I believe may be due to the round being a tad too short which is causing it to go sideways. Hopefully have some time this evening to get it figured out.
  4. My rule of thumb when reloading for magazine fed handguns is to load them to an OAL that just fits in the mag. Not sure why yours are going sideways when feeding, hope you get that figured out asap.
  5. Got it figured out! I bumped the charge up a few more tenths and extended the OAL a tenth of an inch and bingo! XDM loves em.
  6. Good to hear!
    I'll be loading some 45's soon, have a box of Sellier & Bellot primers that I need to try out.
  7. It's been extremely hard for me not to just keep purchasing new dies for everything I have. Because if I get dies, I have to get components which adds up quick. I had a ton of brass from over the years that I let a friend reload for me but unfortunately he passed away before he was finished and I never bothered with getting any of it back from the family.
    For my .45 loads I'm loading unique at 5.9 grains with a 200 grain jacketed round on top. My book has the max at 6 grains of unique, 5.7 grains and I will have the occasional round not cycle well and even at 5.9 they are a lot lighter than factory rounds and shells don't eject near as far as factory. I'm thinking about creeping up further as these are being thrown a hair to the left as well. I'm planning on going with some more suited towards loading .45 as well for powder. I got unique since it's so versatile and I wanted something on the bench for a time I might not have what I want I will still have that.
  8. Do what i do and buy components that will fit multiple calibers.

    I can use the same powder for 9mm/38spl the same for 45-70 and 223rem. If you load say 9mm and 45acp find some small primer 45 brass that way they use the same primer. Midway has lee dies on sale right now too.
  9. Before you load up a bunch of rounds with the S&B primers try a few first because i had alot of misfires and light primer strikes with 38spl and switched over to CCI and not an issue since. The S&B run fine in my 9mm but not worth a darn in my 38spl.
  10. I'm speaking about components such as brass/bullets. That's where the money comes in when you're buying 2k+ at a time. I don't like small primers for .45 at all, those get scrapped. And that's exactly what I said the reason I bought unique for lol. I don't like Midway, they are the Walmart of reloading, anything they have can be found a lot cheaper elsewhere with better customer service if and when you run into problems.
    I'm gonna guess that your light primer strike issue is with the gun and not the primer. Primer cups aren't going to differ in hardness that much. If it's not the gun it's the seating depth. Still have my bet on the gun since you even state they work fine in one gun and not the other. My preference is also CCI however.
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  11. chass

    Was just trying to offer up some help. I threw midway out there cause of the sale, i dont do 45 so dont know what the difference is between large and small primer other than ignition problems with such a large case but again figured i would help, didn't see your unique comment, my apologies. I too know that brass and bullets are expensive just saying i try and pick something i can potentially use for every caliber within reason.

    If you want check out RMR I deal with them for jacketed 9mm bullets and they are very affordable and might have some affordable .45. I have gotten brass from them too at very affordable prices and if you become a member they offer sometimes 10% and normally 5% discounts on everything with your username. Facebook has some brass buying pages if your interested too. again just trying to offer up some cheap places i have dealt with.

    As far as the gun goes its very odd. I can have a missfire with a light strike mark and the next will go off also with a light strike mark and the next and then the other two dont go off but have light marks. I made up another 25rds of HP38, starline brass and 125gr FN and light strikes and nothing and then say 3-4 more would go off but light strikes. I went to cabelas and got a brick of cci SPP and not an issue one and the primers are cratered like normal. I ran about 10 Remington golden sabers +p through it and normal strikes and all 10 rounds went bang. I prime on the press cause its a turret press and if i push the ram down anymore it would break so i tried uniforming the pockets and it wouldn't even cut them so im guessing primers. The 9mm gives normal strikes with them its very odd. I ran about 200rds with the cci through the gun and had one that didn't go off so i chalked it up to the primers BUT it could be the brass cause it was bulk ordered starline and man that length of the brass was all over the place varying by like 6-10k so could be a bad batch with messed up primer pockets.
  12. What gun is it? Sounds like my father's 38, I'm not 100% positive but I believe it was a super red hawk but when it was originally purchased it had nothing to keep the hammer off the primers so the only safe way to carry them were to keep the hammer Infront of an empty chamber. It was sent back to the factory to add a safety bar, not sure of the name of it but over the years it started having issues with light striking until eventually now it just hardly ever fires. It needs sent back to be adjusted. I may be incorrect on the history of them as well and someone may be able to chime in and correct any inconsistencies. Or maybe you know?
  13. s&w 642. I took it out a month or so ago and took random samples of the cci and all went bang and looked good. I kind of put it out of mind when the cci started working.