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Cold weather reloading!

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by ASC, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Temps are finally starting to warm up a little, but Saturday was still frigid. Decided to load up some cartridges for the 30/30. Not a bad way to spend a lazy afternoon.
    IMG_5307.JPG IMG_5308.JPG
  2. Hmm? Let me try again.
    IMG_5306.JPG IMG_5305.JPG IMG_5304.JPG

  3. I did some .45 last night. About 50 rounds shot a handful of them last night to figure out what charge I needed to cycle properly. Got that, but was having a little chambering issues I believe may be due to the round being a tad too short which is causing it to go sideways. Hopefully have some time this evening to get it figured out.
  4. My rule of thumb when reloading for magazine fed handguns is to load them to an OAL that just fits in the mag. Not sure why yours are going sideways when feeding, hope you get that figured out asap.
  5. Got it figured out! I bumped the charge up a few more tenths and extended the OAL a tenth of an inch and bingo! XDM loves em.
  6. Good to hear!
    I'll be loading some 45's soon, have a box of Sellier & Bellot primers that I need to try out.