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Cold weather gear? What to buy?

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by steelhead2, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Looking to buy some new hunting gear: boots, bibs, coat, and any other stuff I may need. I sit on stand for about 7 hours at a time usually, and freeze to the point where I can't even think anymore. Any recommendations on cold weather gear would be appreciated. Keep in mind that I am 17 and have a low budget. Also would be willing to purchase any used stuff, I am 5'8. Thanks for any help.:)
  2. Check out Heater Body Suit on line. It will keep you warm. I've seen some for sale used at a good price.


  3. Youre lookin at spending 300 to 400 bucks on anything worth having. I bought Guide Gear bibs and jacket at Gander Mtn. I want to say about 150 for both. For good insulated boots youre lookin at a hundred at least. If you buy decent quality stuff the price is higher, but you will get several seasons use out of it.
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  4. Good point. Maybe an early Christmas gift from the relatives.

  5. Only really have one relative that gives me money for christmas. I can spend around $450, considering I make about $550 a month. So, now for some actual recommendations on gear.:whistle:
  6. I have the heavy bibs from Walmart I likem seen they have them in just pants too!!! I don't like bulk on my upper body so a thermal shirt longsleeve and a hoody an Maby a lite coat that's water proof to each his own u can go to wallmart and get Ur gear for half the price or check out guide gear on but I've had better luck with wallmart stuff lasting longer

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  7. Also new to me this year is under armour cold gear hoodie get one!!!!

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  8. X2........

    You make $550 a month?

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  9. If you get by this season after Christmas cabalas has a great sale on camo. Sentloc half price.

    The one and only.
  10. Sounds like you have everything covered. Good luck staying warm this season

  11. He is only 15 yrs old said he works at wallmart I am assuming part time but that's ok with me considering most his age don't do anything but hit the Xbox
    I see he said he works there in the savage axis thread
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  12. expense doesnt always mean a dang thang when it comes to staying warm...first stay away from the gimmicks like scent loc...get warmth and maybe any made that will keep a lot of peoples feet warm when its freezing out and youre on stand for 4 hours...with toe heaters you can get buy with the cheapest of boots...i do advise waterproof boots...this is one of the hardest part of your body to keep warm...another is fingers...again buy the heaters for hands...theyre cheap and work better than anythang...i dont know bout others but my arms and legs and rest of body does purty good even in extremely cold water...a face mask will warm the face...have a parka instead of short jacket...i also like all shirts and under shirts with long tails...when youre sitting with short tail stuff in a will be getting a real cool breeze going right up your back...another thang be careful when youre over dressed which causes sweating...also be sure to have a thick waterproof hood on that parka which usually has one...when you get on stand...put it on...:D
  13. Scent Lock and the like are all pretty much an overpriced waste of time and I assure you, if there's a deer down wind, you will be winded wearing their products if that's what your counting on to control/elimanater odor. Hunt smart, play the wind. You don't have to waste 250.00 dollars on a jacket and another couple hunrded on the matching pants. Get a windproof/waterproof shell and layer your clothes beneath it. You can always add or subtract layers if you get too hot/cold. The only thing you really should be going big on is footwear. Spend the bucks to get some nice high, insulated, waterproof boots. That you'll never regret, they do what they're adverstised to do, keep you warm and dry.
    When I was a kid, we hunted in flannel shirts and Levis for God sakes. Real Tree, Mossy Oak, Ducks Unlimited, ect wouldn't be coming around for years yet and we did just fine. Your main priority in hunting clothing is keeping warm and dry, not elimating odor or providing camofaluge. Keep that in mind when you're shopping.
    Hunt smart and play the wind right and odor isn't usually a problem. If you're bouncing around in your cammo you'll be busted long before I would be sitting still in my red and black flannel. What I'm getting at is don't let Gander Mountain or Cabelas fool you into thinking that you have to have all the newest cammo patterns with the latest and greatest scent elimating break throughs to be successful. That's simply not the case. Thats marketing.
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  14. Amen brother!!!!

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  15. Myself I like fleece bibs for cold weather. keeps that cold air from creeping up the back. Like said good boots a must have. You truely dont have to spend a ton of money for good stuff.
    A hand muff and hand warmers work great.
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  16. Agree Scent Lok is way overrated. I do use a antimicrobial base layer but dont rely on it to make me scent free. If you breathe, which we all must do, you are releasing scent regardless of what you wear.
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  17. I struggled for years trying to stay warm on stand, especially my feet and hands. About 5 years ago, I bought my son a pair of 1000gr boots from Cabelas, after christmas in January. They were so awsome, I bought a pair for me as well. These were $179.00 boots, on sale closeouts for $60.00.

    He grew out of his, I still have mine and they are still great, warm and dry.
    2 years ago, I bought him a pair of knee high rubber LaCrosse boots, 1200 gr, unbeleivable how warm they are in the coldest weather, and $89.00 at Dicks.

    Your head, hands, and feet are the most important to keep warm. For the hands, my daughter bought me a jumbo pack of handwarmers for x-mas. They work pretty well, and are fairly cheep.

    The point is, you dont have to spend alot of money, but you need to spend it wisely. Best insulated bibs I have owned are from Wally world, paid $54.oo for them, sometimes they are to warm.

    Good luck.
  18. I just bought cabela's cold gear heavy weight dry plus parka and bibs with scentlok, both for 45 bucks. That's 22.50 a piece for stuff that costs 250 a piece new. I doubt the scentlok is still working, but I don't care. They were used.

    Get out there and find them.

    A tip:
    If you hands are rough run the across any clothes you intend to buy, you'll here why.
    Another tip:
    This hunter never lets velcro any where near me hunting. Scentlok finally made a pair of cold gear gloves, warm , very quiet to the touch and big enough for a large hand. Some moron at scentlok ruined them by putting a Velcro cuff on them. Darn shame.
  19. I bought some a artic shield bibs and coat on sale at It was the year before model but it was cheap and has worked really well in the late season for several seasons now. For most of the year when the lows are around 20 or higher, I usually just layer cheap fleece clothes that you can find on sale at regular department stores. I like getting them in green or grey and just wash them in sportwash then smoke them and they are good to go. Sometimes I don't even try to wear camo over them and haven't had the deer notice me any more than when I always wore head to toe camo.
  20. I gotta try wife and I keep bees so it's not like it would be much trouble.