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Closed CCW Thread

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If my picture post was the reason for the thread being closed I'm sorry for posting it. I think if it is, it's a bit ridiculous, but I'm not a mod or an owner of this site. Again, if the post was an issue, maybe you can just delete my post and not lock the whole thread? I was really just trying to be funny. I saw the picture and immediately thought of that thread.
I respect and appreciate H3nrys opinion on the topic, but I don't have to agree. And, a little bit of humor never hurt anyone. It wasn't meant to be snide.
In response to H3nrys reply to me.
I've seen the video, as well as the other videos of that POS cop with the god complex. I've signed petitions to get him fired and kept up on it till Jan. I don't know if he's still employed, but if he is, he shouldn't be.
The truth about most cops is the like CCW holders. I've actually gotten out of several traffic citations because of it.

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No, I think the reason it was closed, is because the discussion was going nowhere. No one was going to change the others mind, so it kept going round and round.

And Hen3ry, as far as the one in a million comment I made, thanks for correcting me. Using the article you posted, 189 deaths in 5 years. If you consider every one of those deaths an accidental shooting(which most are not), the yearly odds would still be around 1 in NINE or TEN million. If you only count the accidents,(like we were discussing) its probably closer to 1 in 100 million. Again, thanks for correcting me.

It's probably best the thread was closed.
GET A LIFEdang kidz :whistle::mischeif:
hen4ry oghta man up and tell us who he really is...dang trolls...:D
It got pulled because it was going nowhere good.
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