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Close Calls

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by lureboy98, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Through the hunting part of this site, I've heard of a few of you that have had close calls. So, extending this to all aspects of the outdoors, what kind of close calls have you had while fishing or hunting? Aside from hooks in the fingers, I can't think of one we've had that would be very amusing. NOT YET AT LEAST!!:D
  2. Several years ago on the first day of deer gun season, I had a slug hit a tree appx 10 feet from me..This was on heavily hunted puplic land..That was enough of public land deer gun season for me.

  3. Lance

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    Too close for comfort!

    About 15 years ago I was hunting a private farm in Columbiana county during gun season. I was sitting in the open on a small point overlooking a corridor when a guy went out and sat down next to a tree in a field about 150 yards away with a muzzle loader(found this out later). After a bitI here the pop of a cap and a loud s#$t! I look across the field to see three deer running infron of this guy and him loading a new cap. After gets the cap loaded he fires at the deer which are now coming towards me at which point the bullet comes whizzing through the grass right about 10 feet behind me!! When I yelled at him his response was his gun wouldn't shoot that far.... :mad:
  4. Lance what an Idiot that guy was!!!:mad:
  5. I was in an ice shed that caught fire and burned flat to the ice. It was on the Bay of Quinte in Canada. I am sure the Cannucks are still talking about that one.
  6. I had a friend once that while squirrel hunting came up to me and told me I had better tuck my pony tail into my hat. He noticed a tail and was watching from a distance and being a good hunter he made sure what he was seeing before shooting. It never even crossed my mind before that. Also had other deer hunters shooting deer running away from them that were running towards me. Ducked behind trees. They were pretty far away and were hunting without permission. Didn't hear any slugs hitting but it was enough to scare me.

  7. Was calling spring gobbler one season when I had two about 25 yrds right in front of me... Looked like one was a dbl beard but could not tell if the 2nd was a feather or another beard.... just as I was going to let out a little off-note call with my mouth call to make the birds stand-up straight a shot rang out up the hill which did the trick I saw the one bird had two beards and let one go... Just as I my shot rang out someone up the hill about 700+ yrds away yelled out he had been shot..... MY GOD for a split 2nd or two I thought somehow I shot him but just as I was loosing my heart beat and all moisture someone else yelled out they thought they just shot someone.... This is the very short version but it was pretty hairy for me and I could not hunt anymore for 4 days... then I was alright again whewwwww :eek:
  8. I was almost shot a few years back during gun season. I was wearing my orange bibs and jacket, dont know why that fool 200 yds. away was shooting in my direction. It took all I had not to go over there and crush his skull. I guess we were both pretty lucky that day. As for crazy week, I dont even go out unless its the last couple of days and its at the grandparents where no one else is allowed.
  9. 10 years ago while hunting with a friend in Hocking county for Turkeys, my friend was shot by another turkey hunter.

    We had driven way back off of the road and split up before daylight to hunt the birds we had roosted the night before. We had arranged to meet back at my truck at 10:00 am. I got there at 9:30 with my bird and found my truck door standing open, his bloody coat and gun laying on the ground, but he was nowhere to be found. I didn't know what had happened, I thought maybe he tried to walk to the nearest road for help,as far as I knew he could be laying anywhere dead or dying. I spent 2 hours trying to find him.

    I finally drove out to the road and went the first house to discover that the hunter that shot him walked him out to this house and the emergency squad had been called and he had been taken to the Logan Hospital.

    This other hunter was actually shooting at the eye cutout in a face mask thinking it was a head of a turkey. Fortunantly my friend was raising his hand for some reason as this guy fired from approximatly 20 yds away. The pattern was very tight and the majority hit his hand with a few hitting his forhead , neck ,etc.
    He had over 60 pellets still in his hand when I finally caught up with him after they transfered him to OSU hospital. A bunch of surgery and a lot of time latter he regained about 75% use of his right hand.

    The guy's excuse was that my friend was calling ( yelps) as he peered over this ridge top to look into a valley. That is when he shot him. I heard that he wrote an article "I shot a Man" that was printed in Turkey Hunting Magazine, but I've never read it.

    By the way this guy was given 30 days in jail, suspended, $500 fine, $250 suspended, and loss of hunting license,UNTIL HE TAKES A HUNTER SAFETY COURSE, what a crock of s hit!!

  10. I gave up weekend Fox Huntin' ...

    ~ when Buckshot drained my cars radiator & cracked my windshield with "my then" small son sittin' in the front seat (60s). We hunted as a small group of 2nd shifters though the week & had a great time of pushin' foxes across many miles of sections with 6-8 guys & occasionally scored .. but with the addition of weekend HS/college kids/dumb Jocks & their loss of common sense when the score was close, along with no-nos from CBs, atvs to airplanes ..... This Dude hung up his Gun's & went back to a couple of fall squirrels for burnt onion squirrel gravy over biscuits & my bottomland Duck Huntin'
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  11. Fishing follies

    Was bass fishing with a buddy and he snagged a roostertail in some rocks. He was yankin like mad and I said" hold on ,we'll go get it." About that time it popped loose. Lure was traveling about mach1 when it hit him. Treble hook first. Right up his nose. Man, talk about funny. I couldn,t do anything for him. Two guys stopped to help and we got it out. Luckily the barbs didn't go in. I told him later I had thought about nettin him. lol By the way, his nickname is now Duck. That was 14 yrs ago, we still fish together every week for crappie. LakeRaider:""
  12. Oh yes, I had a very close call in canada I forgot about. We were going a long ways away from the camp so we asked the director for the weather. He said sunny with a chance of showers which pretty much covers everything. So with that in mind, we went anyways. We caught some nice walleyes, but then it started to get choppy and cloudy. This was when we caught our fish, but it started to get bad so we headed back to the camp. In the large bay before the camp, it got really bad and it looked like we got hit by a wall of rain. It was raining so hard that it hurt and the waves were 4-5 feet high. I was in the front of the boat and just kept getting slammed down. Talk about a b*tt bruiser! I then put the rainsuit over my head and shut my eyes. My dad tells me the motor was on half throttle and we were moving backwards by the waves. So then we turned around, got hit by a big wave when we were sideways, and then got off on an island. We couldn't stop shaking and it was still raining hard. When we got back we thanked the camp owner for the weather report.
  13. Might sound funny now, but it wasnt at the time. Coming back from a day of cold, snowy duck hunting, we were crossing the lake in our canoe. Since there were 3 of us, the middle man (me) was the shooter. Well a duck came from the side, and we all looked up to watch it pass over. As it did, I took the shot, and
    as we watched it go over us, you guessed it, the canoe went
    over. We were fully dressed, and in waders, but fortunately,
    the lake was just shallow enough where we could hold on the
    sunken canoe with one hand, and tiptoe thru the muck pulling
    the canoe to shore. Dont believe how "well" a canoe floats
    full of water! And we still had to get back in the canoe to finish crossing the lake to reach our car.
  14. My sisters first fish

    I was up in north west Minnesota visiting my grandparents on fourth of July weekend. My dad, mom, sister, and I had made the four hour trip up to Chisholm and were looking forward to a fun filled holiday. My grandad lives on McCormick Lake and the first thing I always do is head down to the dock to try my luck for some panfish. Well as the relatives started to filter in, my dad thought it was about time to teach my sister how to fish (she was two years old at the time and I was ten) My mother warned him just to put a bobber on and let her practice casting, but my dad in all his fatherly wisdom, ignored her words and fixed my sister up for some sunnies. After a brief lesson (remember now, she's only two) he has her try a cast. My dad and I were standing behind her as she whipped the snoopy rod back, much harder than we would have thought. As the small orange jig whizzed in front of my dad, it passed behind my head. At the exact moment it was behind me, she jerked forward and the hook snuggly lodged into my left ear lobe. At first I was in shock and my sister continued to tug unaware to what had happend. After a moment of confusion my dad took away the rod and cut the line to my ear. The entire time it never hurt, until my dad and grandpa tried to get it out. The hook was so small that it hadn't passed all the way through. So after a quick, and somewhat embarassing, trip to the emergency room (it was akward sitting there with a hook in my ear that was covered in mud and worm chunks) the hook was out and I had an awesome tale to tell about my sister's first "fish" and my pierced ear!
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  15. well i had a real close call while coyote huntin one night...
  16. Fished with misfit....... nuff said. :D :D :D :D
  17. I can beat that...........

    Once, years ago, I Caught my Grandmother while Bluegill fishing.................MAN !! Buried a maggot covered hook tendon deep in the poor Gals upper arm...............She still loves me LOL
  18. Last Spring I was hog hunting at the Savanna River Wildlife Refuge. We had been hunting all day and stopped along the river to eat some chow. As we ate I made the comment about how hogs have been known to turn and chase the hunter. After chow we decided to split up and stalk through a couple palmetto patches. I went left and my buddies went right. I decided that it was too noisy to walk throught the 20 yard wide strip of palmettos and started walking along the edge very slowly. I figured a hog would be easy to see under the bushes, but boy was I in for a shock. Just then the palmettos erupted and here came this 200+ pound yellow and black sow running right at me!!! I turned to shoot (from the hip), but at the last second (two or three feet away) she turned and started to run off. The only shot I would have had would have been in the rump so I let her go. I don't think she was actually after me, but needless to say it got my blood going....:)

    Hog season opens on the 15th..... Man I can't wait...:)

  19. Got another.

    When I was 17 I began hunting deer. I gained access to a great piece of land and was one of three hunters who had permission to hunt it.

    The last day of deer gun season I got out late. I entered the woods around day break noticed one of the other hunters truck parked by the gate. I've never met these guys before so I just assumed it was their truck. I started walking to my hunting spot when I noticed an orange dot sticking out above a fallen tree. It didn't look like a blaze orange hat, but I figured I'd play it safe.

    I took one more step and a BIG eight point took off out of a thicket and up the hill not 40 yards in front of me. The orange object then grew into an adult who then missed the buck. The hunter then sat back down with out seeing me standing 15 yards behind him. I took two more steps and you guessed it, he jumps up and levels off on me...... I about crapped my pants. When he tried to run me off I promptly showed him my written permission. He apologized and wished me luck.

  20. army with shotguns

    i remember when i was around 12 years old (many years ago) myself and all the neighbor kids used to hunt all the time. it was a cold winter one year and we had so many clothes on that we could barely move, it was so cold all the animals were held up somewhere. we got bored of not being able to get any game, so we decided to play army only with real shotguns. we would get about 50 to 75 yds apart and then start blasting at each other, and thought it was fun because the buckshot would not penetrate thru all the clothing. well it all came to an abrupt halt when my friend yells out i'm shot. we ran to him to find that one of the pellets had caught him right smack on the chin, it looked like a pimple and we popped it out with blood running everywhere. that was enough for us to stop, for we were scared to death after that. still to this day when i go back to the old neighborhood we all get together and chuckle about some of the wild and crazy things we used to do. i mean 12 yr olds playing army with shotguns, i don't know how we ever thought of that but i think it was on a dare. we also used to shoot arrows straight up in the air and then stand still to see how close they would come to us. man was we ever crazy back then, but to us it was just fun and games.

    (kids please do not try this at home it could be (HAZARDOUS) to your health.)

    we were young and dumb, and full of i guess you could say no brains what so ever. :D

    no i'm not proud of those things we used to do i look at it now and see how stupid we really were.
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