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Climbing Stand

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by J.Decker, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys.
    I'm thinking about getting a climbing stand. I've never hunted out of one and there are quite a few to choose from, all making claims of greatness. I'd like to seek some advice and speed up the process of elimination. Can you tell me what you use? Is it stable, how does it climb, weight, ect. Pros/Cons. Good brands, bad brands, whatever info you can give me would be appreciated. I don't want to spend a bunch of moeny and find out I have a rickety piece of junk thats going to fall out from under me at 30 feet. :yikes:
  2. first and fore most, any time you use a climber you are taking a risk!!! That being said, I prefer the summit vipers, very light, easy to set-up, easy to climb with, and very comfortable. You really need to use a safety harness and read and understand all of the directions in your owners manual. it doesn't matter how good the stand is or how well it has worked for some1 else, anything can happen. What ever stand you pick spend sometime using in it your yard, before you venture off into the woods with it by your self.

  3. I also have a summit, very happy with it lite quiet and confortable.
  4. :shhh: Any time you climb anything you're taking a risk.....gravity is always turned on. Summit Viper huh? Very light, easy to set-up, easy to climb with, and very comfortable? Cool, I'll check it out, along with several others I'm sure. I like to do my homework before buying this kind of thing. As far as using a harness and reading and understanding how to properly deploy my treestand and doing a couple test runs, that's common sense my man.
  5. hey bud your the one asking for suggestions and said "don't want some peice of junk that is going to fall out of the tree from 30 ft" If you don't want advice then don't ask ?. MY MAN
  6. Myself I have used a climber for sometime now and it is a summit. Off the top of my head I cant remember the model. It is a climber weights 21 lbs. easy to set up and very comfortable I hunt sun up to sun set. The one I have once you get to the height you want you swing the climbing bar out of the way. I want to say its a razor
    The one thing that led me to buying a summit was I liked how it bit into the tree. I'm dont like heights but i feel very safe up the tree.
    Now days there are some very good stand makers out there. Check them all out.
    (side note) if anyone offers you a baker climber just say no
  7. I have had most and my sit & climb is my favorit the summit and the API Grandslam are both very nice stands..
  8. Most stands are as safe as you are ...summit, api., lone wolf are top of the line ...can't go wrong with them ...get the best safety harness you can and use it at all times ...arrive early at the spot you hunt and take your time climbing a:chicken:nd des:Dcending ...
  9. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Lots of good ones out there. Personally I use a Summit. I was looking at the very lightest stands offered and comfort was a must. This particular stand weighs only 14.5 lbs and has a very comfortable seat. When selecting a stand you are going to have to weigh platform size and other bells and whistles vs. weight. Do you want a sling seat or a solid seat? Sit and climb or hand climber? Shooting rail or footrest? Lots of options and they all have pros and cons. I’m a minimalist. I want light weight, comfort and nothing to obstruct my ability to shoot. Simple to pack/unpack. Summit Open shot was my choice.

    Check craigslist.....there are always plenty of used ones (all makes and models) for about 1/2-3/4 of retail.
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  10. Yep theres a lot of stands on craigs list ...:eek:
  11. I'm a fan of the summit stands too. They're nice and light, and relatively comfortable to sit in all day. Some of the cons are that if you use it a lot you're going to need to replace the shrink wrap on the cables every few years. Also they can be a little noisy to set up, but now summit makes a sound deadening version of the viper. You definitely can't go wrong with a summit.
  12. What I asked is for peoples experiences with treestands......not a lesson in the obvious or to be spoken to like I'm a 10 year old. Wow...climbing a tree can be dangerous?? Really? Thanks, I doubt I'd have figured that out all by myslef.. I should read the instructions, use my fall protection and do a couple test runs to figure out how my stand works? I would never have known that had you not told me. Gee...thanks Captain Obvious. Maybe next time...just answer the question directly without the assumption you're responding to a child or a retard.
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  13. Seems there's a lot of Summit fans out there. I'll start there. Thanks for the tips and comments. I've been looking at the Viper, Titan, and Goliath.
    Don't know much about API and Lone Wolf stands, I'll start giving them a closer look now too. Now I gotta go have a look at CraigsList...good idea.

    SCHU72....You mention sit and climb or hand climber. I'm familliar with the sit and climb but not so much with the hand climber. Is there a big difference between the two as far as ease of use, stability, ect?
  14. Summits are nice, but Lone Wolf is my preference,

    Fish Whisperer
  15. Schu72

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    I have never used a sit and climb, so I'm not sure I could give you accurate pros/cons. I THINK the hand climber would be quicker to set up and faster to climb, but would require more upper body strength. They are similar by having two pieces, the platform section and the seat section. Hand climbers you basically stand up and lift the seat platform. Then you rest your forearms on the seat rails to support your weight and lift you’re your feet as high as you can and reset the platform. Stand up and repeat over and over until you are at the desired height. I think with a sit and climb most have some sort of bar or rail you sit on (facing the tree) and sit-stand and sit-stand.
    As far as stability...I would think they would be the same.
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  16. Never climbed a tree with a stand this year will be the first for me 2 Summit here we come baby!
  17. Cool....I like that idea better than the sit and climb. Seems like you would cover more way and it may also be safer. At least it sounds safer to me anyway.
  18. Good luck man!
  19. I have a few Summits, but I don't use them anymore. For the last almost 10 years, I use the Equalizer treestand. It's a sit & stand type as you climb, which makes it more safer. You also have the option to sit facing the tree, or against the tree once you're at the level you want. It's quicker to attach to a tree & more quieter. The best thing about it, is that you don't need to set your stand at an upward angle when attaching to a tree, unless you want, because both pieces have leveling cranks that keep it level as you climb. That means you can go as high as you want & never be forced to stop because your climber is then at a downward angle. Both pieces are attached by two straps, so the bottom doesn't fall out underneath.
  20. Nice. Thanks!