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Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by bonasachasa, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. was just wondering if we had any clay shooters on site yet trap skeet and sporting clays check in if ya like!!! and tell where and when ya shoot. i shoot all of the above from indian ridge in the north to hidden haven in the south and quite a few in between.
  2. I haven't done it , but want to go out and try it.

  3. I shoot clays in my bothers back yard he has a thrower. Havn't been out to do it in some time. Maybe I well get out when the weather warms.:(
  4. I haven`t shot much since the fall legues are over, but I do shoot as far Shout as Nashville OH. (That`s alittle North of
    dayton.) to as far North as Bellefountine. I moveing away from trap right now and getting more back into rifle and handgun shooting, I move from one to another from time to time. I`ve shot sporting clays acouple of time, and shot on a skeet team while in the army but trap is about the only thing I shoot any more with a shotgun.
  5. I have shot at Sporting clays at Indian Ridge, Rush Creek, and one up by Arlington OH.
  6. Shoot mostly sporting clays and occasionally skeet.

    I've shot Hidden Haven a couple times. Used to shoot at Buckeye Lake once in awhile.

    Now usually shoot either at Briar Rabbit just south of Zanesville or Lone Dove just north of Port Washington.

    Been to a bunch of them in Ohio just not very often.

  7. I shoot trap at mapleton. I usually shoot all year round but I decided not to shoot the winter league this year. Ill get back into it in the spring though.
  8. Clays

    I shoot clays at the property where I hunt I have a thrower. Love shooten clays with my 12 ga and my 410 :)