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Charity Taken advantage of

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Basementdweller, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Well tonight I got home from work and noticed a van in the neighbors driveway....Now I don't live in the best area of columbus so......I get to my front porch and out come a bunch of do gooders out of the neighbors front door. They had just dropped of a load of grocerys and gifts. None of the family works and they live off their retarted sons social security. Basic bums.

    Just before dark another van pulls up in my driveway out jumps 3 people with boxes of food. Into the neighbors house again. I can't believe it at this point. Who are these people and don't they research the familys? There has to be more deserving people than this bunch of............. Oh well.

    Bout 7 another truck pulls up and two women jump out with gifts.....I cant believe this, I have to find out what is going on. They said they got there name from the church and I asked if they were aware of the situation. They didnt seem to care and went in and delivered their packages.

    hmmmm, Just doesnt seem right to me. They spend all of their money on drugs and not food. No justice I guess.

    All I ask is make sure your donations to charity follow your beliefs and you dont get taken advantage of. I dont give to united way any more because the local head has a salary of over 200,000 bucks. I give directly to my charity and avoid the middle man
  2. It is frustrating I know. I used to help deliver Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets from church. It felt good doing it until I went to a couple of homes where they had furniture and cars way newer than I had. They dressed better too.

    My wife also was helping out woth the food pantry at the church. Once she started checking names she found a lot of double and triple dripping. Not only at that church but various others.

    :mad: :(

  3. I worked for 9 and a half years in an ER. I know the type. They refuse to work, but expect you to give them everything for nothing. We wonder why health care cost so much, this is why. Just like any business the hospitals pass along in the cost of health care. Or they come in waving there medical card in your face saying I have insureance. No they don't, WE as tax payers are paying their way. I'll shut up now and get off my soap box.
  4. this family also use the emt service as their personal physician...I swear the squad is over there three or four times a week.
  5. of course they most likely are not paying for it, so they go by the idea if it's free it's for me. Makes a guy sick.