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Challenges abound for new ODOW leader

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I've never been a D'Arcy Egan fan per say so we'll see how this article stacks up against the incoming Chief and his agendas...
D'Arcy will write articles about something going on in Canada while we're having openning day for deer or smallgame :rolleyes:
One 2 year period my father (gone now) and I kept each friday section where he did his weekly report... Just as my Dad suspected he was writing pretty much on schedule from year to year :eek:
Did talk a little with him a few years ago before a stocked pheasant hunt at west branch and he seemed like a very nice fellow :)

Heres wishing GREAT success to our new Chief :D
Ohio is better off then most states... we're in the top 10 in turkey population nationwide and our alpha bucks are 2nd to none within our vast deer herd :cool:
Got that right...

I went to a meeting a few years ago with a couple friends who were determined to bring that issue up..
It was almost like those at the meeting already knew what was coming??? They had figures ready and shot them out like reloading was never an option!!!
Their reasoning was that they already spend a good chunk of change on stockings and there is not enough money to do anything else :(
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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