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Central Ohio?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by zfish, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Hey guys has anyone been fishing Alum or Delaware for eyes or cats lately? I was thinking of hittin Delware spillway tomorrow but not sure if they will shut the outflow down some its still at 1101 at 6pm that is down 250 or so since a couple hours earlier.. Im hopin if its at a good wading level by morning hittin there. Anyone interested in doin some wading? BTW if you are wondering where I got the outflow here ya go

    Hope you guys enjoy it was givin to me by another member on the site. Thanks Shawn :)
  2. My bad

    I looked at the wrong chart.. Its at 1328 still ... I have a good shore spot but Ill need more weight than I normally use.. Oh well some of my best days have been comming out pretty hard. Just as a tip fellas.. I do the best from 2 to 4 gates open... Its not really fishable at 5 gates. 4 can be really hard to fish depending how open they are.

  3. If you want cats this time of year I would go to O'Shaughnessy and fish south of the Home Rd. bridge.