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Houston jury convicts man in stand your ground case
Juan A. Lozano, Associated Press

HOUSTON - A Houston jury convicted a man Wednesday of murdering his neighbor during a confrontation outside the neighbor's home two years ago, rejecting his claim he was within his rights to fatally shoot the man under Texas' version of a stand-your-ground law.
One neighbor testified that Rodriguez, who had a concealed handgun license, bragged about his guns and that he told her a person could avoid prosecution in a shooting by telling authorities you were in fear of your life and were standing your ground and defending yourself.

If you haven't heard, Rodriguez took a gun, a video camera, and a phone when he went to a neighbor's house to complain about their party noise. Words were exchanged and eventually he shot three men killing one.

The courts ruled that he was the aggressor.

BTW: Zimmerman's wife was arrested for perjury for lying about how much money they had neglecting to mention the $100K+ that was raised on the internet.

In the end... "stand your ground" and all of its variations are just good ways to get yourself in trouble. It also appears to be the preferred method for neighborhood vigilantees to justify bustin' a cap in someone's a$$ over noise or "looking" suspicious.
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