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Cats & Erie Tides

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Erie, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. I've spent many a full nite Cattin' from dusk to dawn in my early teens in the Bullrush channels of Toussaint a half mile or so in from Erie. Erie is a large enough body of water that it does have small tides like the ocean & enough to set up the 2 way current flow .. I just thought I'd mention that the slack water times were slow bitters & the more/peak flow either way was the hottest bite. I can't quite remember the location of our favorite place, but there was a gas pump motor closeby runnin' all nite to one of the fish tanks. If I remem correctly it wasn't to far from Floros if mem serves me correctly. Nitecrawlers ruled in those days & we'd shove 2 oars way down in the mud - tie the boat off & hang a pair of lanterns off them .. I can remem loosin' a few good ones when my line got zapped by the hot lanterns .. Boy, that was a zillion fish years ago:rolleyes: ;)

    PS .. then get home for breakfast & jump on the tractor to cullivate or bale hay all day ~ boy I have to tough out a full half day anymore:rolleyes: :p

    PSS .. the above was never with my Dad but neighbors I worked for to make coins when the farm work was done at home, but I can remember Dad pickin' me up at the dock one morn' to go back out on Erie trollin' for a whole day one time .. Yeah a lil' over 24hrs in one whack ~ I Luv to fish though!!!:)
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  2. Never fished tides. Does the tide come in, in the morning and go out in the evening?