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Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by trout, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Anyone else think the Catfish is the greatest fish to go after?
    I do, still throw a few OREO Cookies in the river in honor of Ol TOAD! My biggest is only 39" but I'm still trying for a 40 pounder.
  2. Nope. Not me. ;)

    Bowfin or bust baby!!!

    Actually, my fav to target is Smallies, but nothing beats a sheepshead or Dogfish as far as fight # 4 #.

  3. I love catfishing....Flathead is the ultimate predator!!!
  4. Bowfin? Catfish bait, isn't it? Just kidding. Catfish are my favorite to go after. Inland lakes mostly. Gonna try to do some river cattin in 2003.

  5. I'm going to try out the Ohio River and the Muskingkum river this coming year.
  6. I fished at the New Richmond boat ramp area for 12 hours this last sept. and got skunked, from bank. 3 1/2 hr. drive. Thinkin about checking the Maumee out in dif. spots. It is only 1 1/2 to a spot I'd like to check out in Defiance. Will def. be back to the ohio though.

  7. I expected that from the cat guys. :D

    In all seriousness tho, a dogfish puts all other fish to shame #4# man.

    jmo. ;)
  8. I haven't caught a dogfish on a rod before. how do you catch them?
  9. It was a GFO tourny-get together. Had great company on the bank. BS'd most of the night. Would of traveled the bank a little but the company was good and a can't see your face fog came in so I decided to stay put.

    I've caught 2 dogfish at Fletchers pond in mich. and I will agree they are pure muscle fish, head to tail. It was about 3 lbs. and would of guessed it to be a 6 lb. smallie. While getting the hook out it crapped the nastiest smelling fish crap I've ever seen all over me.

  10. Both I caught came on a lizzard texas rigged.

  11. Not sure how to target them to tell you the truth.

    I caught a couple on a 6" purple worm.

    These guys are on steroids! I'm telling you, pound for pound, they put all others to shame.
  12. Dogfish -Catfish

    I remember seeing a few dogfish when we lived in Rochester,NY in the 60's. My dad caught some on vacation at Fair Haven Park- Lake Ontario. Seems like they were despised back then, so were carp for that matter.
    Catfish, I like Didn't used to, but they are sort of interesting to go after. Bluecats from the Ohio River are fun this time of year. My fishing buddy & I got a nice one in November. We're still trying to catch another one this year, but conditions have to be just right where the big ones live.
  13. funny you should ask

    I am known as the best catfisheman in the state, bar none....

    Just kidding, But I do love to fish for cats, if you want to check out my Ohio catfishing website click the below link!
  14. Catfish are fun and a respectable fish to pursue.

    Flatheads can frustrate the good fishermen but persistence goes a long way. These big mean predators can cause some excitement when they pull your string!

    I can't remember seeing a 50 pound dogfish:eek:
  15. LOL.

    Probably won't either. :D

    I just meant for the size and was just yankin all you catfisherman's chains a bit.

    I have never caught a huge cat, but I can imagine how great the fight would be. It would be better than a bowfin though.
    I hope to get into it as it does seem exciting/addictive!
  16. If dogfish got to be 50 lbs. I'd change my liscence plate to "DAWGFISH" LOL Just razzin ya a little katfish. No doubt you have the big catfish experience. Catfish are my fish of choice, used to be bass but pound per fish average is better with cats.

  17. Catfish are great fun. Give ya a heck of a fight most of the time. My best has been around 5 lbs. Not big compared to others but for me it was a trophy. Yep I put it back that time.

    But catfish fillets in a deep fryer are delicious.:D