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Carp fishing help

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by atrkyhntr, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Please give us newbies some definitions on the terminology you carpers are using maybe a few recipies too ;) :) :D
    THANKS in advance...

    What do these stand for and or what are they or how to make them:
    sweet corn and wheaties
    prepare and use maize
    doughbait concoctions
    rejuice it in some "dip
  2. Nothing will beat wheatie ball for bait simply the best.i have tried all the rest and nothing compares.

  3. WOW....

    I can help you out some..but rrbski is our local expert on this topic and can help you out the most!

    C.A.G. = Carp Anglers Group
    Take the time to read ALL the info. on this site..lots of great stuff.

    G.F.O.= Go Fish Ohio
    This is one of the biggest message forums on the net.

    The C.A.G./G.F.O. stands for a bunch of outtings planned through out the summer that BOTH groups carp anglers will be attending and welcome..along with anyone else that wants to fish them.

    Now for the baits, the terms, how to use & prepare them...
    Your best bet would be to check out these great sites that will cover all you need to know(also that C.A.G. link above has a ton of that info. too)

    Bob(rrbski) web site..
    LOTS of great info. on bait making and rigs..also a complete list of the C.A.G./G.F.O. outtings planned for 2003.

    Carp Universe...
    This site is a UK site packed full of great info. and pictures too.

    Now this is the biggest and best on-line store for us American carpers, its based out of Chicago, IL.
    Also that site will explain ALL the info. you asked about, show you how to use it..and you can order it direct from them..Paul is the owner and is a great very knowlegable gentleman that can help you out with any questions.

    Hope this helps?
  4. Carp

    Carp fishing times they are a changin' !!!

    Its getting very High Tech...............I like the Slingshot thing I see them use to Chum with.........Now that is too cool

    Like Caribou said, a good ole wheatie ball works well........I like to add Garlic salt to mine...seems to do the trick everytime...........................

    A Boile? I wont touch that one...........sounds like something ya gotta POP........... :D GROSS...........
  5. Carp

    Forgot to add, Good Info post Scott
  6. Hi

    A boilie, is just like your wheatie ball and other dough baits, but the boilie is BOILED (reason for its name). They are a heck of a lot tougher & harder and wont be lost after catching a fish on them(98% of the time that is) and can be reused to catch more carp.

    But you guys are right simple plain canned corn, night crawlers & dough baits like wheatie balls catch a ton of carp..its just hard to convince those carp of that when your setting next to a guy like Bob(rrbski);) whos chumming is all kinds of stuff to attract them to HIS;)

    Just wondering if some of you knew that HEMP seed is a very great attractor that has even been banned by a lot of UK lakes cause them carp wont feed on anything but that..go
    Ohio has a hemp plant(factory that is) just south of columbus where you can order all kinds of hemp products like hemp flour, seeds and oil to use in making your own baits. Bob uses cooked hemp seed in a few of his chum baits.
  7. HMMMMM Interesting..........

    They like Hemp eh?

    Makes my imagination run wild :D :D
  8. lol....

    guess i should explain a little more;)
    Hemp seed bought legally for uses like carp fishing is sold after being treated so it wont
    Its a very popular bait in the UK and more and more American carp anglers are finding that it is a strong attractor here too on our carp.
    You can order cooked canned hemp seed, uncooked hemp seed, hemp oil through i'll try to dig out that link rrbski gave me on the Ohio hempery to.
  9. Yea

    I was gonna say maybe perhaps thats why they are always so HUNGRY !!!! LOL

    seriously , thats a new one to me for a Carpbait !!!
  10. carp baits

    Heres a list of some used by a lot of carp anglers WORLD WIDE.

    Boilies: many kinds depending on your "BASE" mix that you start out with including Fishmeal, Birdseed, ect.

    Particles/chum: examples are hempseed, tares, nuts, maise(field corn), canned corn , groats, wheat , Oats, dog & cat food(dry). used to attract carp to your fishing spot(called a "swim" in the UK)they also can be used as a "base" for your boilie/dough bait mix

    Other baits that can be used on the hook(hookbait) or as a chum are:
    Chick Peas, Butter Beans, Kidney Beans, Black eyed Beans, Red Kidney beans.

    Nuts: can be used if ground up as a base for boilies/dough baits, or as hookbaits:
    Tiger nuts, Peanuts

    Meats: can also be added to chum mixes or fishing on the hook.
    Luncheon meats, Sausage/Salami meats, Spam, cat & dog food.

    Other baits that can be used are veggies like Boiled Potatoes, green beans, ect.

    This is just a short list of the endless baits you can use for carp..and a lot of them can be bought at your local grocery store.
    Now a lot of the baits above have to be PREPARED not just used right out of the bag or can..that info. on preparing baits should be found out as some of these baits will harm or kill carp if not prepared right!
  11. Makes me think..........

    Anyone remember the old VANDO strawberry or vanilla carp bait?? LOL You know it would get like a rock in about a day once you opened it up

    Man that stuff was about useless for me ................

    I like the idea of chick peas, seems like it would work well, like Corn does
  12. ohhhh boy I openned a can of wor... I mean corn with this thread LOL
    THANKS Scott I really appreciate the info and will now immerse myself in study :D

    I may just have to quit bow fishing ;)
  13. atrkyhntr

    Hey i love talking about fishing...hope this info. helps but like i said im not that hard core of a carper like rrbski, hes for sure the top carper in Ohio...i still need to do my homework on them and get out and catch problem is i fish for too many species and cant find enough time for them all..but i cant give any of them up either;)
    Good luck and if ya have any more away..someone on here will have the answer for you.

    Man where the heck is rrbski at?..hed love this topic!
  14. Carping can be as simple or as complicated as you like. I used to use nothing but wheaties and sweet corn, and I caught lots of carp that way. Now I use all sorts of different baits, including boilies, chickpeas, maize, and lots of other stuff Scott mentioned. I also use hempseed, sling shots, packbaits, lots of different flavorings, different types of chum, and lots of other stuff I never considered before, and I'm still kind of new to these Euro style techniques (probably been fishing them for 3 or 4 years).

    I also changed my rigging from the standard hook and sliding sinker to a bolt rig. There are lots of different rigs and variations, many of which I still don't know, but the bolt rig is pretty simple. The rig is composed of a hair-rigged hook (hook with a loop that the bait is put on with a bait needle, the only good way to fish boilies and other hard baits that a hook won't penetrate). This is tied to a short leader which is then tied to the mainline via a swivel. To top it off, and what makes it the bolt rig, is a heavy, fixed sinker (2 or 3 oz). This causes the fish to hook itself when it moves off with the bait. This has probably been the single most important improvement in my carp tactics as the hookup rate is much better than when using the baited hook/sliding sinker method. I'm able to hook a much higher percentage of carp this way -- often times catching carp that I normally wouldn't have even detected using my old methods.

    Of course, you didn't ask about any of that, just wanted to give you an idea of the different styles of fishing out there. And that was just the tip of the iceberg, there's tons more, but I won't get into all of that. I found out that there's a lot more skill involved with catching lots of big carp than I had previously thought. The best way to learn about it is to fish with someone experienced in these methods and to ask lots of questions.
  15. Man, I could go on and on about this. It really becomes an obsession. I fish for lots of different species, but the only one I really spend time thinking about when I'm not fishing is carp :D .
  16. atrkyhntr are you sure you want to give up bowfishing? LOL
  17. Oh sure not a prob at all.... This way I can bring my son or a couple of my daughters too and let them in on the fun... Also can release them to fight another day :D
  18. Holly Molly

    I did not realize til Deperado said something that you are a bowfisherman..i reread your posts on this thread and saw that..ooops! at a lose for words here(that doesnt happen to often, just ask these
    All i can say is..hope you find enjoyment in fishing for these great fish..they are a lot of fun..all we try to do is spread the word and help other anglers learn about these great SPORTFISH.
  19. OK ok ok beat me up but it does happen....

    If I foul hook one and now need to dispatch it does anyone here have a good recipie or do you always release them even when it looks like they haven't a chance to survive??? :confused:
    I've had carp smoked before and it was good but no longer know the person who did it or how they prepared it...
  20. atrkyhntr

    I was only messing with ya a harm meant at all.
    Foul hooked fish...if a fish is hooked deep like way down the throat..or deep meaning ya just can get it out because its in a real tough fleshy spot...its always better to just cut the line as close to the hook as you can, that hook will be gone in a short while.
    I have caught many fish species that have had as many as 3-4 hooks in its mouth and still hit my bait...most were rusted and almost gone..some looked very fresh.
    I have never hooked a fish so bad i thought it needed put out of its misery? but i guess it will happen.
    Now dont get me wrong not one of those PETA guys..if someone wants to needlessly kill fish, or kill fish for fun and its legal..hey thats thier business i guess..
    I do my fair share of killing as well, im talking bait..suckers, shad and skipjack herring used fresh cut for cats, live shad, bluegills and other species for flatheads.....every season...but i put them to use instead of throwing them on the bank..i release all the left over live bait back into the water when im done.
    Sorry i guess that was another "off topic" post again, some will say:rolleyes:
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