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Can't leave home without it

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by atrkyhntr, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. Can you guys tell me what one item, that someone else has not mentioned, simply cannot be left home when heading for camp?

    I'll make a printable checklist up we can all use for the upcoming season so we don't forget something when heading to camp ;)

    Now one item I always bring that is not of the norm is the firestarters I make with paraffin wax, sawdust and cardboard egg cartons and or the roll from the middle of empty paper towels.

    CAUTION: When melting paraffin wax always use a double boiler or a can set in a pan of hot water. Never melt wax over direct heat since it can burst into flames very easily.

    Melt the wax as shown above. Mix in sawdust then pour into egg sections of empty egg carton. I also cut the top out of a plastic gallon milk jug, leaving the handle on, to use as a funnel for pouring the fire starter into the middle of paper towel rolls when empty. Always place some wax paper or newspaper in the paper towel rolls or your pouring your wax straight thru a hole LOL

    Each of these can be cut with a serrated knife to a size you prefer at a later date. Long after the wax has setup and cooled ;)

    You can also make simple firestarters by rolling up newspaper very losely and simply dipping them into the wax without any sawdust mixed in... You can make more then your'll use in a year within an hour :D
  2. Never leave home...

    I never leave home without a tarp, or lighter piece of plastic. I"m not so fortunate to have a truck, so the trunk of my car is where the deer must go...:rolleyes: It takes alot of folding, but they get in there. The tarp is necessary to transport it to the check in station and then the processer. Made the mistake of not bringing it one time.... My whole car ended up smelling VERY bad for a long time...


  3. Being a leader of the Boy Scouts, everything is already packed up and replaced after every camp out. The fire starters are made once a year so we have enough for summer camp.;) ;)
  4. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    compass, jackknife, tp
  5. I no longer leave home without the cell phone. Never know when you may need it.
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