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Can't decide on a rod?

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I have this new 6500 cat reel. My first problem is do I really want to use it? It's such a good looking reel that I'd hate to have the writing scratch off the side. I also leave the plastic wrap on the cork handles of my rods.
If I get a rod for it then it would have to be a Croix, All Star, Fenwick....something like that. I also have a problem mix-matching brands(Shimano on a Big Cat....things like that). Do I need to see fishing head doctor or do you guys share these tendancies?
If I get a rod for it I would have to be 7'6 to 8'6 and one piece. Also, what do I buy with my Fisherman's gift certificate? I guess that is another post........:rolleyes: :eek: :( ;)
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say what?

Shimano on a quantum rod....NO WAY;)
Now if it was a corsair..ok..but no way im putting a Calcutta on anything lower than a Classic cat rod..but thats just my taste..lol;) :D :cool:
He BB i would take those Penns off your hands, BUT i dont like that brand at all..had one gave it away..never again will i buy another one!
I have my "Catfish" trophy collection reel on a shelf next to the carpmasters, musky, salmon and striper..probably wont use any of them..but they are there if needed;)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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