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Canes v. Buckeyes!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fish, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. What better way to look forward to the game than to get the smack talking going here?

    What is your prediction on the game?

    I say:

    Canes 37- Buckeyes 10
  2. Cmon.............

    Lets get real and call for the Bucks hunting a "Lunker" of a game................Ahemm,

    OSU 36

    UOM 21

    Defense rules the game.................

    Cmon Fish, get on the Right Bandwagon.


  3. LOL, that was a great post Wise1! Cracked me up! :)

    Yea, it should be a "Lunker" of a game. lol

    OK, you caught me. I was just trying to stir it up a bit. :D

    I hope it's a good game and close as long as Miami wins. Is that better? :D
  4. NO..............I smell a Bitter Wolverines fan, like a pile of week old Perch guts...........................LMAO X3

    Hey some site dont make ya have an OSU avatar LOL
  5. No, I'm a Gator Fan. I said I grew up a Wolverine fan, but that was about 15 years ago I've been a Gator fan. :)

    It doesn't matter anyways tho. All my teams are terrible except the Red Wings. The Tigers, Lions and Gators (Since Spurrier left) all suck. :eek:
  6. You must have edited. :)

    LOL, yea, how stupid was that of me!?

    I think it was jeffmo that I bet until the end of the year. Man I can't wait until 12:00am New Years Eve!
  7. YEA !!

    May the Buckeyes Haunt you, and Michigan lose to the Gators, then youd be all mixed up Eh?


    Merry Xmas Dude..........

    Go Bucks !!!
  8. I like The Buckeyes but I dont think they will win


    Ohio State-17
  9. That's worse case scenario right there.

    Hey, at least we can say we'll all be rooting for the same team in the Florida-Michigan game. :D

    Merry Xmas to you also. :)

    At least we'll have a little fun mixing it up until game time. That's what it's all about anyways. :)

    See? Flathunter has almost the same score as I do. ;)
  10. fish,i sure hope that your prediction about osu is as good as your last one!!!!!!
    miami hasn't played ANYONE like ohio state this biggest concern is that they will throw against that Fox kid all night.
    that being said,i still like osu's edge in the special teams has had several punts blocked this year.field position is gonna be a big factor.
    tressel gets those kids ready for a game.
  11. im thinkin its gonna be a close game..

    Miami 27
    Buckeyes 30

    GO BUCKS!!
  12. OSU 14
    MIAMI 13

    Bucks will win by the touchdown in the final 2 mins of the 4th qu arter.
  13. It is going to be one heck of a game, and a close one. You have to remember, that OSU has a really strong defense, and it takes a good defense to win a game like that. Miami has let too many teams score too many points on them. If OSU can score the points and keep up the strong D we have got the game.
  14. GO MIAMI!!!!

    Miami 50

    Osu 14

    I know it's real hard to handle the truth!!
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  16. desperado,where did that avatar come from? that thing is uglier than home made soap!!!:D :D :D
  17. Hey D......Suckeyes, eh? the way, who won the Meatchicken Ohio State game this year? Just curious ;)
  18. I guess we will see in two weeks now won't we.
  19. As always but the skin of there teeth. But the mistakes they make in the next game like all the others will hurt them with giving up a 7 points for each one. Which if they went by each mistake they are going to lose by at least 50 points in this coming game.:D