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Call for new guys?

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. What kind of call would you guys recommend for a new turkey hunter? The only calls I've ever used were duck & goose, and I wasn't great with them.
  2. I am no expert but its hard to mess up a springloaded box call....slate calls arent to hard with a bit of practice but dont work when the get wet. i am gonna try to master a glass call this year with some diferent strikers..i am still a novice and i havent bagged my first tom yet so dont take me tooooo seriously....i think you will get a ton of good advise from the good folks on here.
    Good Luck,

  3. The easiest call to use is the push button calls and Loman has a push pull call. I would start out with a box call and then move to glass or slate. Once you get down the fiction calls you can use anything. I love my glass calls and my Ben Lee jet slate call. I have got several turkeys and all of them on different calls. But learning to use several different calls so when that turkey hangs up hit him with a different sound it just may be the ticket to a turkey dinner.;)

    Some people like mouth calls , but I don't use them just because I can't get pass the gag reflex in my throat.:p

    Hope this helps you.;)
  4. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Traditional Box

    I'd go with the traditional style box call over the push button. They are very easy to use but can generate a lot more volume if you need it. (like a windy day)
  5. I learned on a glass call and thats all I've ever used. I havne't gotten one yet either, but I called a few into shooting distance.
  6. Join the N W T F and then find a local chapter where members will make you a turkey hunter or die trying :D

    How many here are members? If not just remember who we owe all this great hunting to then jump onboard yourself;)
  7. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    I used to be a member but had to let it drop. Trout Unlimited and RGS suck up most of what I can afford for habitat groups right now and are really my biggest focus.
  8. Just remember, practice makes perfect. If you have trouble with one type of call, try a different one. Its hard to go wrong with a box call, but I like slate better.
  9. Too many hunters become stuck on one call because they think they sound good with it and prob do but its not what you want to hear it is what the gobblers want the day you are hunting....

    Better be prepared to use more then one type/style of call and better learn how to make all the 3 sounds on it too
    yelp cluck cutt

    One day they come running to yelps next its simply clucks after that cutts one after another just light their fire...

    You will be a better hunter when you know more about the calls hens do and why they do them...
  10. ManOMan... too many answers to type here for that question :eek: LOL ;)
  11. BB....Best thing I ever did in learning the different and many calls that hens make is to by a set of cassete tapes. Real turkeys 1,2,3,&4 by Lovell Williams will let to listen too every call that a hen produces Spring thru Fall. Sit down with these tapes, take your call of choice, then listen to each call and try to replicate it. Also works great on the way to work with a diaprahm call stock in your kisser. Great way to practice and NOW is the time!

    Personally, I like slate calls overall. The old Quaker boy double slate I have has a quality tone that I(and the turkeys) like .The key to it is the solid plexi-glass stricker that provides a deeper tone. Glass calls dont always work well when they're wet either! The cheap plastic strickers emit a higher pitch tone, but again any and all will work on any given day. Depends as many have said on the mood of the bird & what sets him off that day!

    Push-pin type calls are simple to use and can be attatched to the gun. Box calls are harder to learn but there sound will carry farther on windy days. Having a few differnt calls CAN be the difference between success and failure. You dont have to be a master caller to call in a gobbler but knowing the calls and being able to duplicate them with different type callers will surely increase your odds........TF
  12. slate

    I'D try a slate,thats an easy call
    Just watch your hand movement.;)
  13. quaker state easy yelper plunger type...this can be taped to your gun too with a pc. of string tied to the plunger ,very little movement
  14. I'm a rookie at this and so far i am having good luck and good sound from a box call still working on my triple D reed though.
  15. best time to scout is during season,go out in the evening in camo(NO WEAPON) and listen for gobbles and flying up to roost at sunset or just after...if you locate one flying up to the roost you're in business for the next morning...go in and set up and start calling about 100 yds very softly with yelps while they are still on the roost(just before sun-up/light)
  16. i always tell new guys to work the slate its not at all hard and to practice on the real deal, i mean try doing what george said. if you get out and something happens you dont understand just post it and us veterans will help as best we can. good luck
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