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Caesars Creek / Spring Valley

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by R and D kennels, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Guys are there any rabbits left there ? I haven't had any luck, I have been there at different times and it is hard to start a track. I even went at 5 am no luck. I can run private places and burn em up.....
  2. I haven't hunted there before, but was wondering about hunting squirrels there. When you were there did you see any squirrels?

  3. No I was in the field, but opening day of squirrel season I heard many gun shots near two different locations I ran at.
  4. Probably huntin doves.

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  5. I had a friend go to ceasars creek for the pheasant release last year.. his group killed 2 birds and a rabbit.. I like goin to spring valleys bow range

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  6. I havent seen many squirrels down there.

    I got a decent little area for rabbits down there, but it took sometime to find it.

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  7. No, they were hunting squirrels. This was opening day and dove hunting wasn't open till noon.

    Special Dove Hunting Regulations!
    The Division of Wildlife is planning to operate controlled dove hunts at Fallsville, Rush Run, Spring Valley, Indian Creek, and Bott wildlife areas and St. Marys Fish Hatchery. These controlled hunts will occur during the first 2 days of the season (Saturday, September 1st - Sunday, September 2nd); hunting hours will be noon to sunset.

  8. We need to get in there sometime. The good thing with me is I don't kill rabbits, I run dogs for the sake of running dogs.
  9. Finally got some rabbits moving this morning, guess it's been to dry lately ?