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Here are the latest updates for using BulletBobbers
I fished the entire area inside the outlined area by using the fast current shown by the cross hatch area.
Flip the lever so you can reel out line as fast as needed to work it across the fast currents and keeping it from diving.
If it goes into a dive I pull hard making the rod bend then give it slack so it comes back up and continue to work across the fast currents.
If the fish are down in the fast currents making it dive will take your lure or bait down. Using small diving lures and large and X-large Bulletbobbers can work too.

If for any reason you don't want it to flip…
Adding a clamp to a keel keeps it from flip and adding a larger clamp to far wing makes it more stable by holding down the keel.

If you want to fish deep with the BulletBobber you can drill a very small hole through the peg.
As you can see I didn't get all the way through before the drill bit came out the side but close is good enough.
To rig it thread everything like shown and then make a loop and put the peg in.
When you set the hook the loop will straighten out and everything will slide down the line so you can reel in.

Bigger BulletBobbers can surf accross the faster currents better.

The DualFin is best for very fast currents and diving lures.

Best Fishes,

Paul from www.BulletBobber.com
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